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College admissions decisions are coming

If college admissions decisions have not already started arriving, they will soon. Some colleges still send out their decisions through the mail, while others have gone “high tech” by emailing students or asking them to log into their admissions portal. 916 more words


NYT: Little Asia on the Hill

Timothy Egan, “Little Asia on the Hill,” New York Times, 7 January 2007

ACROSS the United States, at elite private and public universities, Asian enrollment is near an all-time high. 126 more words

Understand What Makes a “Good” College for Your Student

It’s about more than bragging rights.

By Anne Vaccaro Brady

In talking with parents of high school juniors and seniors lately, I’ve been asked what makes a “good” college. 782 more words


Class Bigotry at the NOW, or Adventures in Bourgsplaining

American higher education has a long and shameful history of discrimination. In recent decades, many colleges have attempted to address the problems of racial and gender prejudice in their admissions practices. 762 more words

Working Class

Extracurricular Activities: Finding Your Focus in College Admissions

Harvard University accepted 5.9% of applicants last year, and Stanford admitted 5.1% of applicants – the lowest in college history. High school students increasingly turn to extracurricular activities to differentiate themselves, and even with that, they must apply to more and more schools to diversify their risk. 853 more words


Botched Admissions Communications as a Recurring Source of Grief

Last week, Carnegie Mellon University made headlines when it mistakenly emailed 800 students notifying them that they had been accepted into the school’s number 1 ranked Master’s in Computer Science program. 557 more words

Higher Education

Month-by-month directions for high school seniors to prepare for fall admission

If you’re a high school senior, it’s tempting to just relax for a few months after the holidays.

You survived the first half of the year school year, it’s hard to get back into the groove in January, and you deserve a break before college starts in the fall. 835 more words