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Sunday Dress 3

I’m getting worse and worse with coming up with a title for my posts and this one is probably the worst so far (sorry!).

Last Sunday, I went to watch… 162 more words



Today was great.

It started off with a three mile run followed by a 45 minute strengthening session in the gym. Running was hard today. My legs felt tight, my stride felt forced, and my breathing was heavy. 371 more words


It's Finals Weekkkkk: Sprint 2015 Edition

It is the dreadful time in every college students life… you know that thing that comes around every semester, twice a year…. FINALS WEEKKKKKK. This post is going to be short sweet and to the point. 54 more words


Maybe Graceful isn't the word to describe it...

I would just like to start off by saying that I am writing this blog for me and no one else. I do not plan to be famous or to even be read to be honest. 488 more words


You know you have an awesome professor when...

…her class has changed your life for the better.  Also when her feedback is so inspiring that she makes you happy cry.  Also the fact that her recorded lectures are so soothing, you could listen to them over, and over, and over.  69 more words


Take Aways

The past two days I have been training for my upcoming internship as an event coordinator for Clemson University. Basically, there are 4 girls (including me) that take on all the events on a campus and work with clients in order to have a successful event. 501 more words


may 4

I freaked out the day my parents tried to leave me for the first time at college. it was a warm, late summer day when they drove me about 67 miles from New Galilee, Pennsylvania, to Kent, Ohio, where I was enrolled to study journalism at Kent State University. 993 more words