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Brain Viruses and Antivirus Protection

What if I told you to use a web browser software that utilized no form of security, antivirus, or protection of any kind. You would rightly assume I was either trying to trick you or was rather unintelligent. 913 more words


Defined as Rebel

Merely knowing the truth will define you as a rebel.

I often got into arguments with teachers that would tell us things that were conjecture. I would mention other sources and perspectives and it would greatly annoy public school faculty. 554 more words


Part THIRTEEN of: Collectivist (Marxist) Philosophy Masquerading as the Christian Orthodox Ideal

“Can you remember a time when even though you were really committed to do something, you didn’t do it?  Or have you ever had a strong conviction not to do something and you did it anyway?  3,384 more words


Americans: The Parents Who Die, Leaving The Kids Their Debts ...

In America, we like to name the generations. It probably helps in the design of sales pitches. It is notable that a large generation of folks called “Baby Boomers” are now retiring, an increasing load on the Social Security tax just as folks are having fewer marriages and babies. 665 more words


Climbing the Mountain of Selfhood

Self-development is very similar to climbing a physical mountain, in both we find hardships and joys entwined. From it we can gain a good image, a metaphor of the hardships that are faced when an individual decides to better himself. 769 more words


Humanity Thrives on Moral-Guided Free Market Economics and Acts of Creation

In response to the collectivist ideologies of Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren and their proposed free market epitaph “You didn’t build that…” I offer two videos that provide insights about our humanity, creation, transcendence and economics. 153 more words


Loyalty is a Force Multiplier

“Being a retainer is nothing other than hemp a supporter of one’s lord, entrusting matters of good and evil to him, and renouncing self-interest. If there are but two or three men of this type, the fief will be secure.” –  the Hagakure, by Yamamoto Tsunetomo… 1,033 more words