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Pop Psychology: Warning for the 'Recovering'

I get a lot of inspirations and ideas for my blog entries from social media posts. I see the world is a tough place to live in: With modernization and advances in technology, it may have become more difficult than ever to set up clear personal boundaries. 613 more words


Barry's raspberry

FOR A DAY or two after the Supreme Court’s rewriting of the U.S. Constitution so gay folks can get married, I saw this photo in passing as I scanned news stories. 179 more words


Flogging the Confederate Flag – A Case Study in Rational Moral Certainty

The recent racist motivated church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, re-ignited the debate over flying the Confederate flag in general, and flying it at the capitol in Columbia in particular. 890 more words

Individual Rights

The Confederate Flag Fiasco, and Why it's a Win For Collectivist Authoritarianism

Ignoring the usual specious messages concerning the Confederate battle flag, let’s look at this another way.

Since ostensibly our government is a representative one, we can make the claim that public property–the government land subsidized by the citizens–is property belonging to the PUBLIC (setting aside for the moment the fact that collectively-owned property is an impossibility, which makes the whole argument about what should or shouldn’t be displayed upon it thus irrelevant). 612 more words


Morons of the World Unite!

In 1848, before he really had really learned to think, Karl Marx emitted the famous call, “Workers of the World Unite!” That was in the “Communist Manifesto,” communism lite for those who move their lips when they read. 1,578 more words


Economist commits to Euthanasia?

All the intelligencia and elites read the Economist–right?

Well I couldn’t stand it, so I quit. It’s like the New Yorker, so in, so shi shi. 229 more words