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Capitalism informs how we share, but it isn't the only option

I want to start with this quotation from a book that influenced me quite a bit: The Economy of Desire by Daniel Bell.

“… the habits we learn as consumers in the market economy tend to carry over to other dimensions of life.

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The university diversity absurdity

For a long time the human factory farm that we call the State education system here in the UK has been doing an awful job of teaching people how to think. 1,185 more words


The Importance of Community

Americorps has provided me with many moments and opportunities for learning and for growth and for revelations. In a job where you are under appreciated, under paid, and overly exhausted, attitude becomes a  large part of making it through day to day. 448 more words

(Part 4 of 4) The Moral Case for Separating State and The Economy – What’s That About?

This is the fourth and final installment in our series “The Moral Case for Separating State and The Economy – What’s That About?” A condensed version of the four installments is available… 1,173 more words

Individual Rights


9 May 2015

Bernadette Rocha

This weekend I was hit with the realization that my life’s path, while it is improving, is unfolding at a really strange pace. 469 more words


The secret shame of Tory voters & the fanciful fears of Leftists

Yesterday the deputy editor of Reason Magazine, Stephanie Slade, wrote an interesting piece in which she discusses some of the reasons why the pre-election polls for the UK general election were, in the end, so wide of the mark. 1,045 more words