American Paris. Anthony Vaccarello AW15

Anthony went to LA and thought it’s right to put Americana into the latest collection. Unfortunately, this collection reminds me of Rodarte’s trashy sequined mini-dresses or Saint Lauren’t rock & roll opulence rather than Vaccarello’s cool allure. 56 more words


Magnificent Obsessions.

This exhibition was amazing! I’d been waiting for it to open since I read about it on their website a few weeks ago. As a big hoarder and market enthusiast myself I was intrigued to see bits of these famous artist personal collections. 237 more words


Shoe Digitisation Project Update: 23-27 February

Between 23-27 February, we documented, cleaned, photographed and repacked over 70 shoes for the Shoe Digitisation Project. These were all men’s shoes from different companies from around the world which dated to 1950-1959. 14 more words


Latest Development - ARC Zine (art magazine)

It has been a while since I posted here on thewisetent, but I do have a good excuse – I’ve finally launched the very first issue of ARC Zine, a small, self-published art magazine! 187 more words


Become a Friend of the Rare Book Room

We are excited to announce the re-launch of our Friends of the Rare Book Room program, with new Friends levels and benefits bringing you access to more events and opportunities for engagement with our world-renowned collections. 237 more words


Collections Frequency method

Today I discovered an interesting method in the Collections class. The collections class is class that contains static utility methods to deal
with data structures. There are a number of interesting methods but one that stood out was the frequency method. 68 more words


Tzar|Resort 2015 'Joy Ride'

Collection: Spring Summer 2015

Designer: Tzar

Photographer: Jerry Rotimi

Model: Victor Kwen

Tzar Resort 2015 | Joy Ride

Tzar Resort 2015 | Joy Ride

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