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Why your inner dialogue is so important

I think one consistent theme after going through an emotional destroying experience is how long it takes to have a clear visual of yourself again.  You are so used to living this sub-par existence and tolerating sub-par treatment that it simply becomes normal.   1,047 more words

Personal Growth

The Frog in the Pot

Interesting times, these – You’d think that with all the contradictions served up by the media on a daily basis, a feeling of panic would ensue. 999 more words


Feminism and Straight Conversion Therapy

It’s absolutely amazing how feminists can argue that gay conversion therapy, which attempts to brain wash gays into believing their behavior is abhorrent and wrong and that they aren’t supposed to be that way, yet feminists continuously argue that the way men behave is abhorrent and wrong and that they aren’t supposed to be that way. 11 more words


False Declarations

His Side

As I read the article “How Men Value Independence as a Trait in Women”, I realized that really this was a classic example of what I refer to as, “I want what I want, but I want it how I want it” syndrome.   774 more words



I have been on a social media ‘radio silence’ for some time now. I have been off Twitter for around 1 month. I haven’t written a serious blog post in 2 months. 934 more words