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To Tell The Truth

In several of my comments on posts by my friends Barney and BTG I have been circling around an issue that I think deserves expansion. It has to do with one of the central problems we face as a nation and as a human race, if that doesn’t sound like hyperbole. 744 more words

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Ditching the Dissonance, pt. II: Avoiding Confirmation Bias

Back in mid-March, I wrote a blog post called “Ditching the Dissonance.” In this blog, I discussed how quickly bad information gets around, and how we become complicit in spreading it across the Internet via social media. 843 more words


Locus of control & cognitive dissonance...

A few things have been going on recently that I hadn’t at all planned. In fact I’d made a big, bright, fluorescent sticky note in my head to avoid such occurrences. 1,482 more words


Customers that suffered to get your product value it more than those that didn't

I am (finally) reading the book Mistakes were made (but not by me) by Carol Travis and Elliot Aronson (affiliate link), which explores why people find it hard to accept responsibility for mistakes. 331 more words

Marketing In Everyday Life

Christianity is an undefendable falsehood

In America, we work on a system in which people are innocent until proven guilty. To put it more directly, a person lacks guilt unless courts prove that… 316 more words


Remember who you are

Dear women,

            Soon before my ex-boyfriend and I broke up, I sought the council of one of my professors who alway helps me see life clearly and leads me in the right direction. 293 more words


Tyranny of the LGBT Crowd

How far the civil rights movement has fallen: Christians must serve gays or go to jail, and Christians asking gays to serve them can now face criminal charges.  378 more words