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I am not judged by the number of times I fail, but by the number of times I succeed; and the number of times I succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times I can fail and keep on trying.

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Dirty Cops: Killing the Justice System

It’s not like the Holder DOJ is doing anything beyond recializing the justice system, but this kind of nonsense is a cancer that erodes the Rule of Law – which is one of the pillars of our Republic: 527 more words

Constitution & Rule Of Law

Imperial Presidency Update: Gun Control [cont'd]

From any practical perspective, this ban can only be explained for what it is: the ongoing crusade against the 2nd Amendment.

The Obama Administration’s AR-15 Ammo Ban: What’s It All About? 465 more words


Dysfunctional Family: The Lies We Tell

Humans lie.  I lie.  I used to lie a lot more.  Today, the more honest I am with myself the less I ‘need’ to lie.  When we tell lies, it is often in hopes of sparing someone’s feelings or being polite (white lies). 655 more words


How to Repair a WorkComp Damaged Resume, Career, Brain and Life? Ask Liz?

Liz Ryan posts are so heart warming, and so Human! Thank you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

http://www.humanworkplace.com/what-is-the-human-workplace/ “Sticky Human Issues” “We specialize in high-stakes, highly Sticky Human Issues. We work with CEOs and their Boards on untangling and resolving delicate personnel issues.

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Islamic Values vs Western Values

Have you ever watched a group of experts talking about a topic and felt as if they were missing something?  It is impossible to believe that such educated people could miss something so obvious, so you think it must be you.  1,954 more words

Christian Apologetics

the unhelpful helper

In these last days as I tried to cope with the breakup from my partner I ran into the issue I am always running into when I am in need. 1,314 more words

Emotional Abuse