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Am I really doing better?

What the fuck is wrong with you my dear?
Have you been too strong for too long? I’m doing better, I really am, but this week is just so difficult for me. 289 more words


Freewriting vs winning

I didn’t blog yesterday. That small fact has filled me with guilt. I convinced myself I would just double blog another time, presmably today. But here I am blogging late into night. 378 more words

Cogito Ergo Sum

NaPoWriMo Day 20: I exist...I think...

Cogito Ergo Sum is proof
that I exist, or so they say
but Latin is all Greek to me
so am I real? That’s somewhat grey… 101 more words


Freewriting vs headaches

Freewriting exercise today is going to be only 10 minutes strictly. I have been suffering with a headache that desperately wants to be a migraine today, and it is exhausting me. 574 more words

Cogito Ergo Sum

Freewriting vs avoidance

I just ate almost an entire bag of Walkers Mixups cheese flavour. It contains doritos, french fries, wotsits and monster munch. Arguably the greatest collection of crisp ever. 682 more words

Cogito Ergo Sum

Freewriting vs time

Today, freewriting comes from my phone. My lumia and I do not often get along, the only thing we truly agree on is that food should and will be photographed. 469 more words

Cogito Ergo Sum

Freewriting vs Gardening

Today, I shall be freewriting about gardening. As I am currently having to do such a thing even though I hate it furiously. Nothing annoys me more than gardening, yet my parents own two allotments and my nan a plant nursery. 624 more words

Cogito Ergo Sum