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Aurea mediocritas

Aş vrea să scriu hic et nunc ceva pentru că verba volant, scripta manent, însă este un adevărat Nod Gordian. Şi totuşi ars longa, vita brevis, iar eu cum sunt un adevărat Mecena şi sine die nu m-am dat bătută, voi încerca totuşi să scriu ceva. 523 more words

Arta De A Fi Om

René Descartes

I think, therefore I am.

Or am I just a figment of your imagination?


ide dan realitas

haaay ayahlovers!!!


oy oy…

kamu tau ga si kenapa bangku, meja, korek itu kok bisa ada?? ko bisa ya bentuknya kaya gitu??

simple si sebenarnya, lagipula ngapain banget musingin hal2 kecil kaya gitu. 226 more words

Cogito Ergo Sum

Does Reality Exist?

We Clearly know  that everything may seem observable as what senses ought to observe it thus the object to reality partly represents itself and making it judgable using our senses or simply A priori  as what Immanuel Kant stated to his book Critique Of Pure Reason At first we are only depending to our sense called Empirically And aspects to question our senses that we should not trust our senses and know it’s limitations why don’t we try to ask ourselves Do reality exist because of sense apart us? 144 more words

Latin sayings

It’s day 9 of my blogging challenge and this time I’m getting educational. I’ve mentioned before that I like using Latin sayings and knowing them comes very handy, for example they are useful in essays or when you want to appear smarter in a certain crowd. 131 more words