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Simple Prayers

During my coffee time with God, we talked about how I complicate my prayers in the same way I complicate my life. We talked about simple prayers. 64 more words


I just completed a purchase for an item which I know I will use and enjoy. I started to think about all of the stuff I have which started out with those same expectations. 89 more words

A Spiritual Lift

When we read the local and national news, it seems that many articles focus on some aspect of destruction. Destruction of people, places and ideas. 103 more words

Insulated Christians

During my coffee time with God the last couple of mornings, one word continued to be revealed in our conversations: insular.

During one of my road trips through the Florida panhandle, I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with a famous photographer. 179 more words

Time With God

One of my favorite times of day is the early morning, when I am blessed to watch a sunrise over the water.

There are moments of silence and peace before the noise of the day takes over. 96 more words

Spiritual Time Management

After resisting the many suggestions to have a presence on Twitter, you can now find and follow me @1gentlewitness. I am already following several people (you are welcome to let us know if you are on Twitter in the comments for this post). 103 more words

Heaven Scent

During my coffee time with God this morning, I received, “heaven scent”. I really like the imagery of the phrase.

When I talked with God about the meaning, I received one additional word: “observant.” 75 more words