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Be That Kid - Journey In Peru

Walking to the Coffee Tree Cafe from the direction of the Fortalezza had a different feel. It was early and quiet. A torrent of visitors had already moved in the darkened morn towards the train station, with only Machu Picchu on their minds. 611 more words


menunggu merah merekah

Menunggu biji kopi hijau ini berubah menjadi kuning, kemudian merah merekah dan manis. Siap dipanen. Diproses. Diolah. Diseduh. Kebayang ‘kan segarnya kopi ini seperti apa? Meskipun prosesnya tidak secepat membalikkan bh, tapi kebayang ‘kan kalau semua proses dilakukan di gubuk sederhana di tengah kebun kopi dengan kepulan asap dari kayu bakar dan aroma kopi menyebar ke seluruh kebun.
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Coffee and mandarins

We’re in the height of Summer here in Forest Lake, Brisbane and my coffee bushes in my small back yard have sprouted some good looking coffee beans.  15 more words


It's time for some grounding!

While turning the inside of our house into our home, it is so easy to be distracted by the outside.    We have unpacked everything.  Repacked some things we don’t want or need anymore.  473 more words


Black Maple

Black Maple

Drink water
that is cold and clear
and hear ancient rocks pour
over the rockiness of your veins.

Watch for Black Maple
and Coffee Tree… 28 more words


"Potting up" coffee trees

The right moment

In nature, coffee trees are accustomed to the loose, loamy, well-aerated soil of high elevation mountain tops. This means that after about a year’s worth of stagnancy in the gradually compressing soil of a container, your coffee tree will want to migrate to larger, more airy living quarters.  210 more words