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Journey drummer Deen Castronovo arrested on charges related to rape of wife

US Magazine — Legendary ‘80s rock group Journey is currently preparing to go on the road with a new drummer. Deen Castronovo, who joined the band as a drummer in 1998, has been charged with rape, sexual abuse, coercion, and unlawful use of a weapon, according to TMZ… 16 more words


Dismantling the Constructs

Building on the progress of generations
Stealing away all that can be
Sending the young off to war
Being in the silence and the empty spaces of time… 176 more words

Collaborating in coercion? A pivotal time for the psychotherapy profession

My thoughts on professional ethics and psychotherapists’ professional bodies providing clear guidance to their members about how far they are prepared to be involved with coercive practices given job centres are inherently coercive environments, not therapeutic ones. 263 more words

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The Confession of the Lady Mary Tudor

On the 22nd of June 1536 the King’s eldest daughter, the Lady Mary Tudor, signed the document titled “The Confession of Me the Lady Mary” in which she accepted that she was never the trueborn daughter of Henry VIII of England but a product of incest born out of the unlawful union of her mother, Katherine of Aragon and her father the King. 419 more words


Quote for the day - Sunday June 21

“Coerced to the social pattern, the individual can only harden to some figure of living death; and if any considerable number of the members of a civilization are in this predicament, a point of no return will have been passed”. 8 more words


Coercion is like, not cool.

Okay, one of my friends, let’s call her Alicia for the purpose of this blog.

So, Alicia and I don’t meet very often, as she studies in a college elsewhere, states away from mine. 395 more words


Does "Freedom" Mean an Entitlement to Other People's Money?

Maybe the warm weather is affecting my judgement, but I’m finding myself in the odd position of admiring some folks on the left for their honesty. 724 more words