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Mengambil 2 digits terakhir thn ini

var twoDigitsCurrentYear = parseInt(new Date().getFullYear().toString().substr(2,2));


Learning to Code. Computer programming

Through Khan Academy I have been learning the ways of coding.  Right know I am in Intro to JS: Drawing and Animation. It seems that simple things like drawing a line take more work than anticipated, I can only imagine how hard its going to be to animate a Dragon(my  objective).   152 more words


Livecoding Streams Are Awesome


This is a great website I’ve stumbled upon that allows a user to either stream their coding and development process or to watch other developers as they work. 77 more words


Basic Javascript quiz- JSfiddle part 1

So today I messed around back on JSfiddle (as was introduced to me by https://franzcalvo.wordpress.com/)

I made a basic page using CSS and Html for the first time ever! 158 more words


Java: how to check jar version at runtime

Class loading issues can happen in complex execution environments. Situation gets worst when there are different versions of the same library “loaded” and we are not sure which our application is picking up. 189 more words


Media Manager (Programming)

This post is going to be zero effort, except for making an entire program. For those who don’t know I like to make programs in my spare time (hence everything else on this site except my blog). 86 more words