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Setting up Twig in Laravel

Re-posted from my old blog

This week, I have been mostly trying… Laravel.

Trying a new PHP framework raises a few questions. What coding style does it use? 275 more words


The Lord of the Code: Return of the Newbie

I’m backkk! OK, so obviously my original plans didn’t happen as you can probably tell from this 5 month interval. After accepting my place at General Assembly for their March 2015 cohort I actually got a job offer that I couldn’t refuse from my place of part time work. 350 more words


Mengambil 2 digits terakhir thn ini

var twoDigitsCurrentYear = parseInt(new Date().getFullYear().toString().substr(2,2));


Learning to Code. Computer programming

Through Khan Academy I have been learning the ways of coding.  Right know I am in Intro to JS: Drawing and Animation. It seems that simple things like drawing a line take more work than anticipated, I can only imagine how hard its going to be to animate a Dragon(my  objective).   152 more words


Livecoding Streams Are Awesome


This is a great website I’ve stumbled upon that allows a user to either stream their coding and development process or to watch other developers as they work. 77 more words


Basic Javascript quiz- JSfiddle part 1

So today I messed around back on JSfiddle (as was introduced to me by https://franzcalvo.wordpress.com/)

I made a basic page using CSS and Html for the first time ever! 158 more words