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The 2015 Barrow Peace Prize with the Flipgrid Team: And the winner is...

For the entire month of February, people around the globe have been voting on our 2nd grade black history Flipgrid project.

After all of the research, the writing, the filming, the promoting, and the designing, we are ready to announce our winner. 683 more words


Su Doku challenge

For a long while my dad and I have been meaning to hold a mini-hackathon to each try and create a Su Doku solver. Today was the big day! 406 more words


Second Day

Today was my second day of Work Experience in Hull University, today I went into SEED which is the on site technology company which are generally based around the fire service, today has been really fun because I could enter the world of coding (my personal favourite) we made 3 programs today, a Random Dice Toss, Fizz Buzz and a Higher Or Lower game. 67 more words


Come to the ICD-10 Coding Conference Before October Transition

The anticipated transition to ICD-10 is to be implemented as scheduled on October 1, 2015. Now is the time to attend the ICD-10 Coding Conference being held on April 15-16 with Selman-Holman & Associates, LLC. 498 more words

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I Love Teaching

Last night The Iron Yard Atlanta introduced a new satellite for their existing Free Kids Course – and they needed volunteers.  I, again, raised my hand even though I’m bogged down with work and probably should be focused on refactoring assignments – but I’m also an entrepreneur at heart and see raising my hand as saying yes to a new opportunity, changing some kids lives, and building up my personal brand and network.   226 more words

Tuesday, Feb. 3rd - Kodu & Globaloria

3/3/15 – Do Now -Tell me how much you just LOVE this class :)

7th Grade:

I CAN . . . Formulate (put together; create) … 114 more words