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Week 9 PPJ - Ryan Smith

For this week, I had one big challenge: finishing character select. As it stands, it works! It took a lot of work, because I wanted to try and keep the integrity of our code intact, but as it was, it was impossible to do without compromising it. 424 more words


Atlanta Botanical Garden Offers Educators FREE Admission on July 18

To you spend the school year educating Atlanta’s youth? While you’re on summer vacation, you’ll want to take advantage of a FREE day of exploration in the Garden on July 18, 2015. 30 more words


Week 09 - Arjun Bajpai

Other than working on audio, this week I went through some of the code and tried to implement some of the SFX my self. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the sfx to play at the wanted time. 248 more words


Week 9 PPJ - Toni Ruffo

Wow, we are almost done! This week was our first beta build and it was kind of crazy.

Typical administration stuff: I created the playtest survey and updated the links and whatnot. 565 more words


Android source code reference reveals LG’s Nexus smartphone is code named ‘Bullhead’

Rumour has it that we ll see two Nexus smartphones this year. Huawei is said to be responsible for the Nexus phablet, which will be the successor of the Nexus 6 made by Motorola, while LG is said to be cooking up the Nexus smartphone. 130 more words

Some Tricky output of Logical Operators in JavaScript

What do you think what will result variable will contain after evaluation of following JavaScript statement:
var result = "Apple" && "Orange";
Is it true… 67 more words


Election Monitoring in Africa’s Biggest Democracy

There was never going to be anything simple about Nigeria’s 2015 elections. Both main candidates – Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari – are big names that commanded significant followings. 229 more words

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