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Spam-fighting strategy: rationing API requests

Based on a true story

Given: websites on which users can post stuff. For the th site gets posts per day on average. Some of the posts are spam or otherwise harmful. 335 more words


Developer cognitive load

Anything a developer does that doesn’t add business value is wasted cognitive load. That’s why we use abstractions.

I know my developers are smart enough to handle memory management if they needed to, but developers just as smart in the past were less productive and introduced buffer overflow bugs because they had to think about that as well as the business problem they were trying to solve. 79 more words


Escaping Ampersand(&) Symbol in Oracle SQL

Here’s an easy way to escape an ampersand symbol in an Oracle SQL statement.


Your SQL statement with ampersand goes here


Hope this helps! :)


রবি USSD কোড

রবি সিমের ইউএসএসডি কোড, সংরক্ষণে রাখুন ॥ জরুরী প্রয়োজনের হয়তো পাবেন না :
ব্যালেন্স চেক: * 222 #
সিম নম্বর চেক করতে: * 140 * 2 * 4 #
প্যাকেজ দেখুন: * 140 * 14 #
মিনিট চেক: * 222 * 3 #
এসএমএস চেক করতে: * 222 * 11 #
এমএমএস চেক করতে: * 222 * 13 #
DATA (MB) দেখতে: * 222 * 81 #, 8444 * 88 #
নেট সেটিং করতে: * 140 * 7 #
মিস কল অ্যালার্ট (অন): টাইপ করুন “ON”এবং পাঠিয়ে দিন 8272 নাম্বারে
মিস কল অ্যালার্ট (বন্ধ): টাইপ করুন “OFF”এবং পাঠিয়ে দিন 8272 নাম্বারে



Didn’t learn this till tonight but UT provides students with a free Lynda subscription. Game Changer! I have already looked at serval courses i was planning on binging in my 7 day free trial when I got around to doing that at the end of the summer. 27 more words


Watch People Code and Learn for Free on Livecoding.tv

Do you want to code, find a direct way to communicate with the like-minded people and get some type of mentorship? Are you facing difficulties… 337 more words



Animations are cool. I would really like to work a lot more on them. Actually, I would like to explore the most features I can get from Processing. 171 more words