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It’s halfway through April, I have 13 papers impending in the AS examinations next month and a couple of other exams to prepare for – it would seem that I should be, at least, slightly stressed out at the thought of the next two months. 976 more words


The value of transactional data

Notes of a presentation to ASSR May 2007 Forum was on transactional data, presented by Michelle Gosse.  Michelle defined transactional data as any data created by a transactional system normally used for administrative purposes. 625 more words


I R Haxor

I’ve been wanting to really jump in and get coding for a long time. The trouble, however has always been the fact there are so many different languages for so many different applications. 129 more words


My favourite Matlab functions

I love using Matlab for data collection, data analysis, and even some statistical analysis. Below are many of the timesaving functions that I use on most projects. 506 more words


How is a java program executed

This post tries to explain all the steps involved in executing a java program.

Lets take a simple program, Test.

public class Test {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
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