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Writing code snippets in wordpress without plugins

The other day I was trying to put some code snippets in a blog entry. At some point, without exactly understand how, I started a two days fight with the WordPress editor. 466 more words

Code Snippets

Inserting code snippets in the AX 2012 X++ editor

In the AX 2012 X++ you can quickly insert fragments of code to avoid tedious typing, such as typing for a loop.

To insert a snippet, you must enter the snippets alias (which is usually the first symbol of the code), and press tab. 235 more words

X++ Snippets

Dismiss iOS On Screen Keyboard after editing TextField - Code Snippet

By clicking outside the TextField

override func touchesBegan(touches: NSSet, withEvent event: UIEvent){

In IBAction of some view

@IBOutlet weak var mytextfield: UITextField!
@IBAction func doSomething(sender: AnyObject) {
... 70 more words
Code Snippets

PowerShell: The basic template in ISE

The basic Ctrl-J template in the PowerShell ISE is a bit noisier than I need. This is all I want:

Drop set of databases… 21 more words


Getting Started with Powershell.

If you are running Microsoft Windows, you will already have Powershell installed. You can run as an administrator or a regular user, to run in administrator mode, right click on the icon and choose this option. 165 more words

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Read Resource File From Assembly

Get current executing assembly

Assembly assembly = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly();

If uoy don’t know which resource to ger then use this statement. Analyze and see the required resource. 42 more words

Code Snippets

Adding a Character Count to Wordpress Admin with JQuery

Recently I was asked to add an excerpt count to the admin area of wordpress. Specifically we added a character count to the excerpt field as well as a bunch of custom fields. 662 more words

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