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Efficient computation and storage of basic data statistics using Redis

This post describes a script for efficient computation and storage of the mean and variance corresponding to data from multiple sources. It uses Redis as a backend storage system. 845 more words


Redis + Node.js + Socket.IO - Event-driven, subscription-based broadcasting

Recently, I have been working on building a server for broadcasting messages over socket connections. The basic design I had in mind was something like this- 795 more words


"The specified path, file name, or both are too long." Error (Entity Framework 6.1 and Visual Studio 2015)

This is an issue a coworker of mine ran across the other day while trying to run “Update-Database” on his EF6 project via Visual Studio 2015. 136 more words

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Application Sharing via RDP "RemoteApp"

I was asked recently about Remote Desktop Protocol and how best to create a cheaper “Citrix-esque” way of hosting applications from a Windows server, so I’ve decided to transform some of my old instructions into more digestible content. 513 more words

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Inferring Abstract Implementations for JSON Serialization

A while ago, I was working on a project that had to provide a JSON specification to external developers, and be serializable/deserializable to an equivalent representation in C# (as an object graph). 971 more words

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Visual Studio Code Snippets Are Awesome!

Introduction to Visual Studio Code Snippets.

Till this day, I find myself wondering how I managed to survive my first year in school with my sanity >=75% intact. 1,149 more words


Easily add Code Snippets to your Free Wordpress blog's posts

Sometime back when I was writing a blog post, I suddenly got the need to add some Code Snippets to my blog post and I wanted to give it the real ‘code look’ which you get in IDEs. 173 more words