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Visual Studio Code Snippets Are Awesome!

Introduction to Visual Studio Code Snippets.

Till this day, I find myself wondering how I managed to survive my first year in school with my sanity >=75% intact. 1,149 more words


Easily add Code Snippets to your Free Wordpress blog's posts

Sometime back when I was writing a blog post, I suddenly got the need to add some Code Snippets to my blog post and I wanted to give it the real ‘code look’ which you get in IDEs. 173 more words


MySQL Tutorial: Archiving and Loading Archived Table Data

Let’s say you have a really large table and you want to archive the data to a new table so that your main table is smaller again. 383 more words

Programming Languages

That's a Wrap

I’ve been working on a small web tool for my Arduino projection library project. In attempting to turn off word wrapping for a textarea, I was quickly reminded how fickle textareas can be.  171 more words


#NoobTips Pseudo Update method using Coroutines

You know what an Update method does. It loops indefinitely after the Start method is called. But sometimes we want some code to loop for a fixed amount of time. 140 more words


Shell script to setup local dev environment

I’m working on this one project that is getting larger and larger, and with each new feature, I’m finding that there are lots of things I need to run locally for my local setup to work: Django, Celery, Solr, and a shell. 208 more words

Bash Scripting

Looping through a multiselect

<select multiple="multiple" id="myMultiSelect" name="myMultiSelect">
    <option value="1">Cats</option>
    <option value="2">Dogs</option>
    <option value="3">Birds</option>
    <option value="4">Other</option>
<input type="text" id="more_info" style="display: none;"/>
$("#myMultiSelect").on('change', function() {
        var other_is_selected = $(this).find('option').is(':selected');

        if (other_is_selected) {
        } else {