Today is long swim day; 5500m to be exact (for a weekly total mileage of 12,175m).  It started off on an awesome note with a surprise breakfast courtesy of my sweetie.  478 more words


Wild for Wildhoney

Shoegaze bands are a dime a dozen these days which is something I never would have predicted 20 years ago. So the genre lost the battle but apparently won the war, but sometimes the victors get a little cocky. 246 more words


All Flowers in Time Bend Towards the Sun

Best Friend sent me this link:


Here’s the song she doesn’t want you to hear. The only part which needs work is Buckley’s. She sounds amazing. 17 more words

Strangers in the night

Spinning this tonight before bed. I actually know zip about Delays, but one of the blurbs on the sticker on the jewel case says the band sounds “like the Hollies meeting the La’s for a rainy Sunday drive while picking up the Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser for tea.” I also know zip about the Hollies and the La’s and Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser, but the “rainy Sunday drive” part got me, a casual indie rock listener prone to bouts of late-night melancholia. 87 more words


When Cocteau Cometh

I can’t quite recall what kind of business I had being in the studio that afternoon, hovering over Pinkie Passion’s on-air interview with Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie. 438 more words


"Top 10 4AD Albums"

The 10 best 4AD LPs, and In the Flat Field only scrapes in at 9.  Shocker. 294 more words

The Alcoves