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Martini Monday: The Gin Martini

Gin appears to be the original Martini spirit. There is some speculation as to how exactly this bar drink evolved, the beginnings of this cocktail form was perhaps initiated as early as 1888 when a recipe for a bar drink which consisted of half a wine glass of… 425 more words

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Surfer's Martini

While I am not a huge fan of standard martinis (whether they are made with gin or vodka), this is a martini I can get behind! 215 more words


Martini Monday: Reversing the Vesper

Two weeks ago I introduced the Vesper Cocktail (see recipe here) which was conceived and popularized by Ian Fleming in his 1953 James Bond novel, … 455 more words

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Martini Monday: Shaken Vs Stirred and the Dry Martini

As everyone knows (at least those who have been following my Monday Martini series), I was invited to a special Belvedere Martini Seminar hosted by… 617 more words

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Martini Monday: The Vesper Cocktail

Last week I introduced everyone to Belvedere’s Vodka Global Ambassador, Ali Dedianko who hosted the Belvedere Martini Seminar which I attended at the downtown Edmonton restaurant, … 483 more words

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Martini Monday: Traditional Martini (with grapefruit peel)

The Vodka Martini can be served either in the traditional format, some prefer to call this a ‘Wet’ Martini, or in a more modern style which is typically called a ‘Dry’ Martini’. 508 more words

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2015 Margarita Challenge #2 – Tromba (Blanco Tequila)

I have arrived at the Number 2 Margarita Spirit in my 2015 Rum Howler Margarita ChallengeTequila Tromba (Blanco).

I will admit now, that this particular spirit actually ranked number 1 on my independent scorecard; however my other judges overruled me (although none of my jurors has the Trombo Spirit placed lower than third on any of their scorecards). 280 more words

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