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Sometimes Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - San Pedro Prison, La Paz

Never heard of San Pedro Prison? You can’t be in La Paz more than a day without it coming up in conversation. It’s rare to find a gringo who’s not read Rusty Young’s famous book about it, Marching Powder. 1,529 more words

American Drugs in Ancient Egyptian Mummies?

It seems safe to say that as long as there have been humans on planet Earth they have been using psychoactive substances. Today most people use at least one kind of drug every day, be it medicinal, illegal, caffeine, nicotine or the all time favourite – alcohol. 1,339 more words


i haven’t posted in a long time.

my brother relapsed and died of a heart attack. he died on may 16th.
i am beyond broken.

What Are Those Actors Smoking?

Regardless of what substances Hollywood stars might use behind the scenes, while they’re on camera they’re obviously not using real drugs.  So what do Hollywood prop masters reach for when they have simulate drug use on screen? 287 more words

A pothead joke.

Someone: “Can I be blunt with you?”

Pothead: “You have a blunt, man? Why didn’t you say so?!”

Why I Think All Drugs Should Be Legal.



"So what is it you actually do?"

Since starting my PhD, I’ve often been asked: ‘so what is it you actually do?’  Good question.  As any doctoral student will tell you, this can be surprisingly difficult to answer.  770 more words

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