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I have seen this cloud

drifting in my past somewhere

we will meet again

Have you ever looked up in the sky and watched a cloud floating along playing the air, forming and evaporating only to be created again in another place. 131 more words


memories of summer

shadows cross the beach

footprints remember summer

bathing boxes closed

Looking down at Mills Beach near Mornington it is obvious many people enjoy their afternoon stroll walking around to the bluff then back. 142 more words


autumn sunset

farewelling the sun

another day is ending

are the fish biting

Last evening the many photographers staking out Rickets Point were rewarded with a brilliant red sunset quickly mellowing into softer shades.


a change of mind

time for a quick stroll

weather turning quickly here

maybe not today

Any sudden squalls or strong wind changes on Port Phillip Bay at high tide means wet challenges for walkers on the Black Rock coastal pathway. 35 more words



Taking inspiration from my paper that was published this week, this week’s Dalton Koss HQ Marine Fact takes a look at estuaries.

Estuaries are fascinating systems that are often forgotten natural spaces. 476 more words


Radio 104.5 Birthday Show : Coasts

Exclusive gallery of Coasts performing at Radio 104.5’s 8th Birthday Show on May 10th, 2015.

All photos provided by Matt Christine Photography :


England Hits Chicago

On April 25th 2015, the hipster English band, the COASTS, performed at JBTV Music Television (hint hint, check out the app for future free passes at JBTV) and they rocked the stage! 203 more words