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10 great scenic drives around the world … that you’ve probably never heard of

A great driving route doesn’t always have to mean an epic road trip. Get behind the wheel for these journeys in the US, Spain, Switzerland, Japan and Norway and you’ll still enjoy the experience of stunning views and winding roads


time out

warming drying sun

a seabird  break from feeding

fish also relax

A little Pied Cormorant, a couple of Silver Gulls and a flock of Crested Terns share an ideal roosting spot in the early morning sun. 38 more words


Don't go yet

gentle sea breeze

calming flying instincts

resting busy wings

These Crested Terns spend many weeks hanging out with flocks of Silver Gulls, foraging and taking life as it comes around Ricketts Point during late Spring and Early Summer. 56 more words


Revision Dominoes - Natural Environments

There are now three sets of dominoes for Natural Environments ready to download and cut out to test yourself! (Watery World will be coming shortly!) 7 more words


GeoTweet Revision - Coastal Transport and Deposition

A summary of tonight’s GeoTweet revision on Coastal Transport and Deposition can be found here… 


How Three Coastal Cities are rising to the Climate Challenge

By Megan Darby

From Rotterdam to Tarakan, coastal cities must deal with rising sea levels and extreme weather threats

Sea levels are rising and so are urban populations. 53 more words

Climate Change Mitigation