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Sepp Blatter reveals true identity as performance artist after Putin stunt

Sepp Blatter has been described as many things during his life – scumbag, greasy thug, evil cunt, the list goes on. At times his levels of… 528 more words


China, Roads, Shipping, Pipelines, and Placing a Go Stone

China is busy making global access easier for itself. And a bit harder for others.

They are busy building sand islands in the South China Sea. 3,195 more words

Economics, Trading, And Money

Time to invest in fossil fuels as China discovers vast new reserves

There is a campaign in the western “do-gooding” and deluded “green” community (exemplified by The Guardian) to pressurise investors to disinvest from fossil fuels. Fortunately there is no shortage of investors in Asia who would be only too happy to see the European financial institutions and pension funds selling off their shares in oil, shale and coal producing and using companies. 563 more words



“Carbon reserves were becoming more concentrated at the top as fossil fuel companies struggling with slumps in coal and oil markets merged. … Investors who dumped their fossil fuel holdings over the past five years actually earned 1.2% a year more than those remaining in coal, oil and gas.” ( 23 more words

Indonesia's Proposed Coal Export Ban May Have Impact On The Indian Power Sector

This is a special interview about Indonesian proposed coal export ban by 2014, with Mr. Dipesh Dipu, Director of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, India.

The Indonesian government is currently in the process of drafting a new regulation that could ban the export of low-grade coal by January 12, 2014. 45 more words



Indonesia raised the monthly reference price for sales in October by 2.56 percent, the first increase since June.

The Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources of Indonesia sets the coal spot price benchmark for October 2011 at US$ 119.24 per ton, US$ 2.56 higher than September 2011 Price. To read more Click here


FOB Newcastle Coal Swap Gained Week On Week

API 5 FOB Newcastle Coal swap for Q2’ 2015 delivery declined US$ 3.54 per MT (-7.21%) month over month and gained US$ 0.30 week on week. 24 more words