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April Fool's Day

Today is April Fool’s Day.  Are you being tricked?? Are you being fooled??  Do you find yourself constantly believing in something that is not true??  That the time now to change that thought, change your atmosphere, and decide today you will not be fooled or tricked anymore.  65 more words


Team´s Organizational Context

Leaders cannot make a team be great, but they can put conditions in place to increase likelihood (although not guarantee) that a team will be effective. 387 more words


Organizational Culture

Another important aspect of Organizational Context is culture. That evil entity that is causing all sort of problems in organizations nowadays :-)

Organizational culture can be defined as  682 more words


Why I Became a Beachbody Coach

When I first started my journey into a healthier lifestyle back in September (2014), I was in the same mindset as I’ve always been: diet and exercise long enough to drop a few pounds so my clothes fit and then I can go back to living my life. 738 more words


Team Distribution

Distribution is perhaps one of the hottest topics today.

Globalization and technology has led organizations to a situation where they must deal with distribution of their employees and teams. 345 more words


Team Size

Decades of research and practice indicate that size is one of the most straightforward variables with a strong impact on team performance, but still organizations don’t take it too seriously. 806 more words