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2 Degrees and a Disappearing Island

CNN Digital opinion writer John Sutter continues to report on climate change through his “2 Degrees” project.  Scientists and economists say that if the climate warms more than 2 degrees Celsius, it will greatly up the odds of climate catastrophe….and it’s happening to Marshall Island. 108 more words

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Bush says Obama's Foreign Policy is a Blunder: a case of the Pot calling the President Black

“According to multiple reports on a closed-door Saturday event with Jewish donors, Bush offered his harshest public assessment of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy.”

Standby folks this shit gets deeper. 973 more words


CNN asks readers to get involved in climate change project

CNN Digital’s John Sutter, recently awarded by the American Society of News Editors for his public service journalism, will embark on another project in democratic journalism, asking the audience to choose topics around the theme of climate change. 224 more words

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Athletes: God Has Nothing to Do with Your Victory: Remember the Holocaust; Sandyhook; Beheadings ....

Dear God, why are Athletes such idiots? And I’m not only talking about Tebow—but every single one that attributes their victory to your being biased.  Do they not realize that if you didn’t help six million Jews in Hitler’s Death Camps, you’d hardly have time for some idiot fricken sports?  473 more words

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F***ing Disingenuous Republicans!

Now that ass-face Bowe Bergdahl has been charged, Fox, the GOP, and the Arlin Report quickly leaps to the lower depths to blame Obama for trading five assholes for one. 408 more words

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Mike Pence and I Stand Firm in our Mortal Beliefs—Moral Beliefs

Hello. God? That you? Yeah, me again. Listen, God …Well, I would have called earlier but—what’s that?   Okay, I will. Anyway, I was wondering if you had considered my last request? 1,105 more words

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Kasich for What!! Oh, April Fools is Upon Us, huh?

Here we go again. Another Republican scheme to repair the Government they’ve destroyed, going back before the Teapot Dome.

Kasich told Maria Bartirmono this morning that his plan is to re-establish “Hoover Commissions” that would seek ways to re-invent government; you know, those same plans that led to Hoovervilles across the country—and those built by War Vets near the White House. 95 more words

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