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Mike Pence and I Stand Firm in our Mortal Beliefs—Moral Beliefs

Hello. God? That you? Yeah, me again. Listen, God …Well, I would have called earlier but—what’s that?   Okay, I will. Anyway, I was wondering if you had considered my last request? 1,105 more words

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Kasich for What!! Oh, April Fools is Upon Us, huh?

Here we go again. Another Republican scheme to repair the Government they’ve destroyed, going back before the Teapot Dome.

Kasich told Maria Bartirmono this morning that his plan is to re-establish “Hoover Commissions” that would seek ways to re-invent government; you know, those same plans that led to Hoovervilles across the country—and those built by War Vets near the White House. 95 more words

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Bergdahl’s Defense for Desertion: One for the Books and The Greatest Insult to All who have Proudly and Bravely Served!

Dear Department of Defense:

I want my case reopened because since hearing Bergdahl’s defense for Desertion: that he was in search of a nearby US Army Unit; and, too, even asked the Taliban for help, I, then, too, wish to unload a load and just hope it floats. 163 more words

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Don’t Listen to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith (He’s had a Brain Transfusion from Charles Barkley & Kanye West)

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN’s First Take (really a launching pad for Smith’s Ideology as no one else on set matters), recently said that Democrats should take stock of their power; stop allowing the Democratic Party from taking their Vote for granted. 521 more words


McCain Accuses Obama of a Temper Tantrum (Regarding PM Netanyahu) and Here's Why We Should Listen

Ms Borger, I missed your interview with “that one” (John McCain) when he stated that President Obama was throwing a temper tantrum, regarding Prime Minister Netanyahu. 547 more words


CNN: Poor kids of Silicon Valley

Poor kids of Silicon Valley by John D. Sutter.

I’ve never imagined Silicon Valley like this.

Families struggling to keep up, children with no homes. Teenagers my age who can’t pursue what they want to be because of financial restrictions. 135 more words

… we tend to assume that innovation and progress come from big technology breakthroughs, from new gadgets and communications technologies, most of them created by the private sector.

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