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The Thing Is...

I didn’t explain really about falling down the rabbit hole which I didn’t even call a rabbit hole, I called it falling down a well, so a follow-up with self-chastisement about being careful and thoughtful.   576 more words

Clusters of Clutter

As a woman, I know how difficult it can be to clean your closet.  To be quite honest with you I’m having that difficult time as we speak.   1,074 more words


An oops post.


Was taking pics for Craig’s list and somehow hit “publish”.

So maybe I should say something.

This is a workbench I’ve used for years. But it’s time to go. 79 more words


Grilling safetly

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of outdoor grilling season. As far back as I can remember the last weekend of May meant cleaning off the porches and the grill. 625 more words


Feeling the Need to Purge

So yesterday I started a new quilt project, which felt awesome. Until I looked around.

Every flat surface in my house has stuff on it. Every. 282 more words



More from the apartment in previous post.

Game Development

Closet Organization 101

Are you the type of person who can’t keep your closet organized? Do you have stuff crammed into the corners and clothing strewn on the floor? 277 more words