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Cash in on Clutter

You have decluttered your house, good for you! Throw away anything broken or otherwise unusable, and you now have a collection of clothes, books, toys, baby gear, and home decor items in great condition begging for a new home. 126 more words


Journey 87: Modern Day Alchemy

Today has been a decluttering day, as I moved back into my former office with the desire to get rid of things. I find it interesting that as I am “decluttering” my body, ridding it of junk, the energy of clearing is moving beyond me to my environment. 577 more words

Year Of Journeys

Spring Home Maintenance

Since I can’t do much inside with my arm in a support and it is way to cold outside to do anything outside  I decided to work on scanning some old print pictures into the computer and getting out the spring decorations. 288 more words


- three-ring binders

You know this plot. You have papers. Maybe you’ll look at them again someday. Anyway, it took so much work (or cost so much, or seemed so important to someone) to create or acquire them that, obviously, they must be kept! 252 more words

Daily Shed

Six Word Saturday

Will I ever get it together?

That, my friends, is what I feel like this week.  And, in reading some of what I wrote three and two and one year ago, it is what I feel like a lot of the time.  519 more words


Clean the Hideaways

Spring Cleaning time! What’s your favorite hideaway?
Mine’s a drawer in the kitchen…
or maybe it’s a certain space in my mind…. :)


Five Minute Friday - Break

I’m participating in this week’s Five Minute Friday.  This week’s word is “break”.  Here we go:

Break…I need one.  Badly.  As I type this, my 6 yo daughter is whining from the bath that she wants to get out.  250 more words