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We are digital!

Someone once said i should read ‘Cluetrain Manefesto’. Welll, that is exactly what I did, not because I wanted to go back in time but rather to understand how the thought leaders from back in the day had predicted the web in the future. 402 more words


Get a "clue" - 15 years later - The Cluetrain is Back

Back in 1999, whoa 15 years ago, my boss Pam Alexander pointed all of us Alexandroids to a site for “The Cluetrain Manifesto.” It was addressed to “the people of Earth,” and like something you may have read about it had 95 Theses, of which the first was, … 134 more words

10 Rules for Businesses to Now Follow

In the book that we read for class, The Cluetrain Manifesto, 95 theses are listed in regards to social media and digital marketing. Ten that stood out to me, and can be converted into actual rules for companies to follow are: 341 more words

The Carrotastrophe

So I’m steaming some frozen vegetables for lunch and I happen to notice some warnings on the bag.  Apparently I’m supposed to make sure that whatever wattage my microwave oven is, the carrots get to an internal temperature of 165 F because cooking times may vary. 340 more words