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I'll Dip My Toe Into The Tide

I wonder how much of the “oh, those pathetic college students, wanting to be sheltered” is accurate, and how much of it might just be trickery – like the Samoans who… 82 more words



Dear Life,
Yes its me again,
For the uncountableth time,
No complains today,
Just a concern that has been lingering in my mind,
A concern that has made me to see, 382 more words

Street Signs

August 8th

London, UK

Lost at the corner

Of Lonely and Main,

Where the cars drive by

And look all the same.


The lights dimly flick… 74 more words


The Unveiling Of Africa’s Latest Tyrant?

In 6 weeks Nigerians will know if a tyrant is born or not. They will know if the military will be in charge to complete the February 7 coup…

1,245 more words

I could write a comedy about my life! :D

(Well, my brother can!)

You should ask my family about all the stories they have about me. I’m clueless about most things that aren’t related to: 463 more words

boom goes the dynamite.*

fair warning: today is a disgust day.

general advice-type warning: consider carefully whether you want to have a hooking-up of any significance at the beginning of a holiday time. 507 more words