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The Politics of Clowns

It is almost not fair to make fun of presidential candidates.  They are making it so easy.  If you can’t take anything but cheap shots at certain folks, then what value is in your words?   531 more words


- Step right up & join the fun -

On June 5th my little baby turned one! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we met the tiny thing that would change our lives forever! 261 more words


Life's Not A Picnic...

Life’s not a picnic…  but today it was.

I love leisurely mornings.  Wake up, shower, go to the little diner on Main Street. Check out the small town grocery.   472 more words


The Great Coney Island Water Carnival

Barnum & Bailey presents swimmers, divers, log rollers and clowns


Photographing Antiques

My mom’s new hobby is going to local antique stores to find creative inspiration for her photographs.  Her latest purchase was an old typewriter.  She replaced the ribbon and it still works great.  183 more words


All I know about clowns

Clowns are usually depicted as either playful symbols of innocent fun war creepy fright.

The comedy that clowns perform is usually in the role of a fool whose everyday actions and tasks become extraordinary, and for whom the ridiculous becomes ordinary. 84 more words

Shower Thoughts