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Cloud computing trends podcast – Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid IT.
Subject regarding Cloud infrastructures adoption and usage has been increasingly drawing attention of CXO’s in the latest years simply due to the fact that agility keeps gradually playing greater role in business strategies, and the impact of the line of business in the technology decision making process is also on the upraise. … Read further


On Conferences — Random Talks and Going Solo

“So…what’s that got to do with Rails?”

This was perhaps the third time in one day that I’d been asked this question by a prospective attendee to my talk. 722 more words


How is PLM changing the Healthcare Industry?


Challenges – Healthcare industries are both expanding and transforming at unprecedented rate. They are faced by huge challenges – driven by introduction of new diseases, rising demand, increase in competition, change in customer response, tight regulations and progress in technology. 183 more words


Why SMEs are not leveraging PLM?

The first question that comes to our mind when we do a PLM implementation is cost. Traditional PLM implementations are tailored for large scale industries who can afford the tantrums of a PLM based system. 230 more words


☁ NetApp for Microsoft Private #Cloud & #Storage

Cloud style architectures offer significant reductions in cost and increase business agility. However, these systems are complex and difficult to install and configure.

Industry trends indicate a vast data center transformation toward shared infrastructure and cloud computing, sometimes referred to as software-defined computing. 194 more words


If cloud is the future, HP may be in more trouble than we thought

Hewlett-Packard, like all of its hardware-oriented tech rivals, has acknowledged that cloud computing is essential to the future. So yesterday’s HP earnings report has got to concern HP boosters. 560 more words


Future of Telecom APIs is SOA and SDN

Significant growth rates for Telecom API marketplace will be achieved through changes in certain business practices and also through deployment of SOA, virtualization, and SDN beginning in the 2018 to 2020 period. 117 more words

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