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Paul Muldoon's "Hedgehog": or, the God-role of the Creative Introvert

Recently, Paul Muldoon’s appearance at LR was cancelled due to inclement snow, which is a damned and double-damned shame–as a poet, he’s a glorious voice to study as I did recently in World Literature. 478 more words


Minority Report

Close reading

Non-diagetic sound techniques

Background music was used as a form of a non-diagetic sound technique.

Volume – The music was played moderately softly so as not to drown out other sound… 591 more words

Media Studies

Exercise Two (Project 4)

Why are the man and boy nameless?

  • It keeps the characters at a distance, but keeping them nameless also allows the reader to slip into their shoes more easily.
  • 769 more words

Minority Report

Camera works is how the director portrays the movie through different visual techniques. It brings the viewer into the action of the film and what is being portrayed in front of them. 141 more words

Close Reading

Exercise 1 (Project 4)

First Person:

“I pushed the cart and both the boy and I carried knapsacks. In the knapsacks were essential things in case we had to abandon the cart and make a run for it. 460 more words


Was Eugenics Science or Racism?

Reviewing my exams at the end of my WWII unit made me realize that my students didn’t really understand why Hitler easily rose to power in Weimar Germany. 473 more words

Argumentative Writing

Exercise 3 (Project 3)

Close reading of Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas

What is the mood of the poem?

  • The poem begins happily, care free and full of hope, but as it progresses it becomes more melancholy and nostalgic.
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