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Over Our Heads: What the Dink is Critical (and Literary) Theory?

Disclaimer: take what I have here with a grain of salt– not only is critical theory an ever-shifting study, but what I have to say is from an introductory standpoint. 1,103 more words


The Bike Pump is NOT a Bike Pump

Today I will be discussing James Joyce’s “Araby,” which is included in his larger work of short stories, Dubliners.  You can read “Araby” here, if you haven’t already. 855 more words


Project 2: follow up

Once again, here are some examples (from previous writers in the class) of elements that we focused on in developing the second writing project, particularly in focusing on the forwarding of a literary text and the close reading its implications/complications as a way to support and extend your argument. 846 more words

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Keep it Bouncing

I would like to talk about endings, specifically what I have come to expect from an ending, and how Moulthrop’s Reagan’s Library completely turn my expectation on its head. 749 more words

Interactive Literature

V: The Incomplete Rhizome

                      Al jabr:


to bind, to set bones, to name the unknown

as such —

to worship a sign;



           metrein: to move, to measure… 565 more words

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Are you a book flirt?

Book flirt (n)- One who courts a text, sometimes awkwardly, sometimes wonderfully, as one would a fellow human being in attempt to understand its importance and meaning. 344 more words


Closed reading-back to the future

lightning strike scene

Back to the Future is a 1980s sci-fi film directed by Robert Zemeckis (1985). A teenage boy called Marty McFly is helping his scientist friend Doc Brown with an experiment when something goes terribly wrong and he ends up in the 50s. 496 more words

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