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Orphan Black Season 3

I’m a little bit late with the posting of this one but I finally had the time to do it. After season two’s revelation of the Castor clones, this season teased the all out clone war that was going to ensue. 581 more words

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‘Jurassic World’: Science or Fiction? StarTalk w....

‘Jurassic World’: Science or Fiction? StarTalk w. Neil deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye

Inspired by the cloned dinosaurs in the “Jurassic Park” reboot, “Jurassic World,” Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye sit down with Sally Le Page to explore the possibilities of cloning and genetic modification.

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Llandudno Solicitor wins Wimbledon

James Cecil Parke is still widely regarded as Ireland’s greatest sportsman but was also a decorated soldier, gold medallist of the Irish Law Society and prominent leader in the local Scout movement. 217 more words

Orphan Black #4

Cosima is easily one of my favourite clones so I couldn’t wait to get stuck into this month’s issue. However, I’m really sorry to say, I was disappointed with this issue. 217 more words


Orphan Black: Why is Alison's story arc kept separate from the clone intrigue?

Out of all the Leda clones on Orphan Black, Alison Hendrix (Tatiana Maslany) makes a most unexpected and unusual impression. She’s someone who can easily be underestimated, often pigeonholed for her appearance and socioeconomic status. 594 more words


Orphan Black: Will the relationship between Castor and Leda clones change now that they're family?

The male Castor clones (Ari Millen) have been a pain in the Leda clones’ (Tatiana Maslany) sides for much of Orphan Black’s new season. For the most part, the Castor clones’ presence hasn’t seemed to be much more than an annoyance for Sarah and her sisters, albeit a dangerous one. 589 more words


Orphan Black: Are Project Castor clones stealing the limelight from Sarah and her sister clones?

The last episode of Orphan Black’s second season made it very clear that the male Project Castor clones (Ari Millen) were going to be a bigger part of the show’s third season. 456 more words