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what's the time Mr Wolf? 30th March 2015

clutter…… it will be the death of me…….. I abhor clutter……. I suppose that’s what spring-cleans are suppose to be about, so I better get to it then……. 321 more words


a skip and a hop, 29th March 2015

what time is it?……. really?………. is it really……. and here was I thinking it was an hour earlier than it is, so now you’re telling me it’s an hour later?……… how the hell did that happen?……….. 281 more words


an hour is neither here nor there? 27th March 2015

as for my reflection, well me and him just don’t seem to get on…….. every time I look at it it’s not what I expected……. he just won’t do what I want him to do, or look how I’d prefer……. 251 more words


It's Time!


To change the batteries in your smoke detectors
To bring in all of your patio furniture and potted plants
To clean up all of the leaves from your lawn to avoid killing the grass… 15 more words

Let's devolve putting clocks back to Scotland. The rest of UK can stop

Here’s something that can be devolved to Scotland for ever. I was standing in the park today watching my kids play on the swings and climbing frame and it got dark at 4:30. 387 more words


How to stay happy through the gloom...

In the UK, we have just moved our clocks back and we are once again on Greenwich Mean Time.  It means, of course, darker mornings, the evenings drawing in, the cold months of the year are here in some parts and on the way in others.   793 more words

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From Somerset with Love

The clocks went back, yes that’s right the good one, the good clock change! Well that is until about 4pm on the Sunday afternoon and you suddenly realise how horribly dark it makes the evenings! 554 more words