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Cliques at My Middle School (7th grade)

We have all gone through middle school or junior high. Some haven’t yet, but you will in a matter of years. I’m in 7th grade, and the social scene has just quite developed. 417 more words

Fitting In

Clique Warfare

So, in typical Lexi fashion, my first real post will be a rant.

What good has excluding people ever done? Like really, what positives have ever come from that? 469 more words

The Beginning of The End

I have heard that high school can be defined as an ocean.   That all the alphas are the sharks and the rest of the school is nothing more than harbor seals.   215 more words


What my best friend taught me about stereotypes

As my college career comes to an end, I find myself reflecting on the past, and what lessons have resonated with me the most.  One lesson sticks out at me, probably because I am reminded of it on a daily basis – stereotypes.   787 more words


Cliques.... But why??

“Immature children often turn into immature adults.” -unknown

Someone told me that before and time and age has proved this to be true. Being a young black mom, especially, in a prestigious country club community I expected some hesitation to be “accepted” by other moms. 278 more words



Are all popular girls mean?

From all the ones I’ve meet, yes. Now I guess I wouldn’t exactly say they’re mean, I would say they’re shady & two-faced. 217 more words