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New School Officially Complete!

After a full eight months of working on New School (the first book in the Just an Ordinary Cat series), I have officially finished the whole book. 315 more words


The Smartie Who Rebels.

I grew up in a town which looks more like country to me. School was the same – it says town school but most of us there are just the average looking ones. 432 more words

To the Moms In My Daughter's Preschool Class

Today is the last day of our kids’ second year of preschool and it’s a little hard to believe it’s here. Even though I’ve been through the preschool years twice before and many years ago, it’s still a bit startling to come to the end of a school year and realize that time is, indeed, passing. 715 more words


You Don’t Know How It Feels!

“Mumma you don’t know how it feels!” sobbed my girl. The bus ride back home from school had been the ‘worstest’ ever in her 6 years of travelling to and fro from her school. 744 more words

Random Musings

What if the hokey-cokey is really what it's all about?

For the past few days, we’ve had house guests: acquaintances and semi-colleagues, but not (yet) what we’d call friends; socially awkward at the very best of times. 398 more words


Judging Others. Breaking OUT of High School.

How often do we discard people like we do the heel of a loaf of bread? For whatever reason, we don’t want to eat the heel. 700 more words


Making Something Beautiful. Popular or Not.

Henry struggled this year with some issues common to teenagers in middle school. The drama associated with bullying, popularity, and the stress to fit in. So much in fact, he made up SO MANY lies trying to please them to be accepted into their clique he forgot himself. 467 more words