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Death To Cliques, And Changing Social Norms – Pt. 3

Parts 1 and 2 to this conversation earlier in the week.

Today I want to focus on who is to blame for the anti-social standards set by cliques and the likes. 171 more words


Death To Cliques, And Changing Social Norms – Pt. 2

Part 1 to this study yesterday.

The next thing to look at are some of the responses I received from people, and all of these will obviously be unnamed, and vague so as not to “out anyone”. 203 more words


My Littlest Best Friend

I think being a mom to Harlow is easy.  Definitely easier than dealing with the MOM SQUAD.  That’s the nickname I’ve given them.  Some of the moms I’ve encountered.   107 more words

Death To Cliques, And Changing Social Norms - Pt. 1

On March 8, 2012 I opened up my thoughts to Facebook, and called out those who stood above everyone else and thought themselves to be better. 218 more words


Long Feature - The Great Wizoo

Hipsters and Jazz: two things that may seem entirely contrary at first glance. I missioned to The Great Wizoo hoping to test my theory that the two are, as a matter of fact, inter-linked. 782 more words

Us vs Them

From a very young age, we are socialized in various ways. This is generally not intentional, and is not something that will change because it is the primary way that we learn. 846 more words

Social Critique

I'm a punk soccer nerd

High school is a tough time for many reasons.  It is a time when young people are looking to solidify their independence from their parents.  At the same time they create new relationships that tend to define those years in so many ways.   351 more words