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When you criticize others, you criticize God

Because He made them.

*Oh yeah. The image is not mine. I’m not making any profit on it. Thanks to the genius who shot it.


Welcome to Reality: From the Silver Screen to Sharpless

The bright red bell rings and a flood of kids rush into the hallway. It is a circus in there: shoving, yelling and kids running through the halls trying to push by others to get to their next class. 536 more words


Fitting in...

So, in homage to my name here (misFITness) I decided to throw in a little post about fitting in.

Lately, I have been struggling a little with this (more so than usual). 481 more words


I Love Cliques

Most people don’t seem to like cliques. I searched #cliques on Twitter and essentially saw posts about the same three things: bullying, judgment, and hurt. People hate cliques because they feel like cliques are meant to keep them out. 1,461 more words

The Sinners

The girls stood in a group and laughed loudly.  They pointed and stared at the poor girl on the outside of their circle.  It wasn’t anything new for this poor left out girl.  518 more words


60+ of The Thousands of Lessons I've Learned From One Semester On Campus

This is me:

1) A fan is probably the best investment you will make if you live on campus (especially if you live in Carondelet at AU) 1,498 more words

Should You Market Your Book to Other Authors?

As so often happens, someone says something on Twitter and it ends up inspiring a blog post. For today, that “something” was said months ago, so I can’t find it to embed it here. 784 more words