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The Truth Behind High School Cliques 

High school, the time we have to start thinking seriously about what steps we want to take next, for our future. A place to learn and thrive. 136 more words


SEX, MARRY, KILL by Todd Travis

I’ve played a different version of SEX, MARRY, KILL.
In the game I know, you’re given the names of three people – usually a group of celebrities – and you choose who you’d 1. 367 more words


No Mean Girls: A Company With a Positive Message and Goal- Make Every Girl Feel Special.

We’ve been talking about bullying for a few days now and we’ve heard a few different perspectives. Some people don’t have much experience first-hand, some do. 917 more words


The End of the World as We Know It

The End of the World as we know It by Iva-Marie Palmer, Hot Key Books, 2014. ISBN: 9781471402531. Reviewed by John R. Clark, MLIS.

Sarabeth Lewis is smart but far from a popular teen. 592 more words

Grade 10-12

Outside Looking In

How can they do that?
Float so
Through the world,
Radiating charm and sophistication.
Perfection is their middle name
They can’t use it as a goal… 47 more words


I’ve never attended an English school myself, as I grew up in Sweden and then went to an American high school for three years. But I think the concept of ‘cliques’ is more or less the same the world over – there’s always going to be the popular group, the clever ones, the funny ones, the weirdos, the loners … etc. 482 more words

Cool Kids

Dear Son,

Ever since the Sharks challenged the Jets to a dance rumble, kids have been talking about who’s cool and who’s not. Oh heck, it probably started before that. 523 more words

From The Heart