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Blyton Trackday for the Clio

I took the Clio to Blyton Park earlier in the month, this was my first time at Blyton, amazing really considering it’s the closest track to me and I didn’t even really know anything about it until EVO started using it. 901 more words

Operation Brake Dust

As I have written before the battle against the evil brake dust on the Clio is proving hard to win! I have recently upped the game towards fighting it by investing in a clay bar and Iron X to attempt to make the car more presentable. 171 more words

The World On 4 Wheels

As per usual here are a few pictures that I thought were worth a comment…

I spotted this whilst filling up,  I though “Christ that’s low and on Bentley rims to boot!”. 191 more words

World On 4 Wheels

It appears to be new car time for all, well, apart from me…

My sister in law changed their 996 C4S (Basalt Black with Basalt Black wheels with exhaust bypass pipe) for a Range Rover Sport Stormer 3.0 diesel. 347 more words

The World On 4 Wheels

The price of fuel continues to fall, excellent news, makes me think that I should get a less economical car. Although at the time of posting this it had risen to 115.9! 117 more words

Cambelt work complete on the Clio

Time had finally arrived for the Clio’s cambelt, this is a big job for 182, unsurprisingly squeezing a 2.0 into a Clio means room is at a premium (exactly the same as my Clio Williams) and add in the fact that it is a notoriously difficult job to do you end up with a job that costs best case scenario £300+. 602 more words

The World On 4 Wheels

The Humber Bridge is currently undergoing some works to its toll booths (that is taking forever), with this work they have introduced a rubble strip to slow people down approaching the booth. 222 more words