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Viewed – 18 April 2015 Netflix Alphabet Challenge

Nicholas Cage has had a bit of a bad rap lately with his wealth of commercially and critically underwhelming roles in mostly forgettable movies. 253 more words


The "Don't Mess With Me" Poster Gallery

There are some actors that just convey the attitude that says “don’t mess with me.” They excelled at playing characters that are best left alone. But there is always a protagonist of some sort that “pokes the bear” and awakens our slumbering tough guys who are not above issuing there own brand of vigilant justice. 129 more words

Charles Bronson

Why American Sniper Missed Its Shot at Best Picture

American Sniper was the surprise movie that skipped the Golden Globes and went straight for the Oscars headshot. And yet, this late-comer missed its shot at winning Best Picture and Best Actor due to a lack of two things: duality and depth. 923 more words


A Man and his Music - William Price King meets Roberta Flack - Part two

Welcome to our Saturday music slot and today William Price King introduces us to some of the musicians that influenced the career of Roberta Flack and also her hits of the late 60s and 70s. 826 more words

William Price King

Friday Night Think Tank: Only In Dreams

Happy Friday night, Modern Philosophers!

It is a gorgeous Spring evening in Maine, and I am writing this from the front porch of The House on the Hill.  554 more words


Song for Lovers

A new song

Beauty queen lost in her dreams and the love she once had, the love she thought she found wasn’t love at all. She looks in the mirror and curses her divine appeal, it wasn’t me he loved or was she prepared to be honest, he was a family friend and he’d hidden it very well, he fell in love with her beauty it was his ego that he loved more, she stumbles from the bathroom and drops onto the bedroom floor, why me God she asks why me she cries as tears roll down her chin, she was taken by the lure of the glittering future, it was a dream come through couldn’t see beyond him, now she’s resigned to a life of misery and escape, then out of the blue she comes across the words she needed to hear, they resonate and open her heart in the way it used to operate, she’ filled with belief and heads down to the kitchen, they’d been talking about her and what they should do, she goes to the fridge and takes out a bottle of soda, there’s a smile in her which she decides to hide, the sooner that I’m out of here the better life will be, she goes back up stairs her new life arranged for her by a mysterious force, they are calling the doctor back there’s a room in rehab for her, they the ones that nearly destroyed her want to appear helpful, their way of life rules they have all the trappings that create envy and greed, she went ballistic the night she found his collection of pure evil, and this was the man who wanted to have his child with her, she packs her small case taking the old memories with her, in the middle of the night all is calm and quite, she slips out of the mansion and walks down the long drive, at the gate a car is waiting she gets frightened all of a sudden, then she see’s the smile and jumps in an angel was waiting for her, the boss sent me he smiles