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A Psalm for the Mountains -- Aries Butte in Zion National Park

Standing on the edge of the earth, the sandstone rippling like mute dancers, almost but not quite crashing and breaking, and everything falling below down and down and down to some little ribbon of nothing road–this is the land of epiphany.   407 more words

Trip Reports

Why I Can't Stop Thinking About Potter and Hunt

It is not just their unusual manner of death, flying near 100 mph headlong into a granite massif, hundreds of feet above the iconic, beautiful and serene Yosemite Valley, the two men each in a silky synthetic wing suit and a parachute folded on their backs, that keeps me thinking about Dean Potter and Graham Hunt. 1,171 more words


Andy Salo sends Planet Claire (5.14)

Local climbing is an amazing thing. Recently at the Gunks, there are some sends worth writing home about, and if the weather treats us right, a couple more to write about as well.  999 more words


Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus is a dormant volcano set in the western Caucasus mountain range in Russia (near the Georgia border). Because the mountain sits right between Asia and Europe, there is controversy over which continent it belongs to. 389 more words


5/22/15 mesh

a climber gets stuck

hang in there, Sloopy, hang on!

pull claws from screen door


Three Countries in a Week

Hello people! As always, it was a while since my last post, but hey! I was busy training and climbing and doing everything else what normal people do. 342 more words


Spring at the Gunks

Spring has not yet come to the Gunks.

There’s always someone on Horseman.

Val pulling up to Shockley’s Ceiling.

Donna stepping into the shadow on Sixish. 110 more words