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Greening your Gas Mileage: Learn How to Drive Economically

Getting better gas mileage depends on many things, including the type of car you have and how fast you cruise around (looking at you, speed demon!). 420 more words

Climate Change

Wisc. Tar Sands Action Coalition group leader interviewed on college radio WRUW (Cleveland)

Ronnie Monroe interviwed by WRUW’s “Ears to the Ground” program.  Podcast.
Interview begins at 3:00 in the timeline (skip the music if you wish) and ends at around 33:45 on the timeline. 116 more words

Climate Change Pledge: Credit, Where Credit Is Due

In my last post (here), I was somewhat rude about Prime Minister David Cameron. Or rather I was rather rude about the vacuous drivel he spouted about competitiveness. 465 more words

Climate Change

Power, Inequality and Humanity - What's Really Going On Here?

A Symptom of a Much Deeper Dilemma – The TRUTH is, there are two basic objectives to business; 1- Be the best at what you do. 1,171 more words

Climate Change

Manchester's pat on the head

At the end of last year I wrote an article about the growing number of cities and regions (and even countries) that are committing to a transition to 100% clean energy by 2050. 889 more words

Climate Change

Environmental degradation and conflict

Climate change is now seen as a factor for creating conflict. According to the UN, since 1990, at least 18 violent conflicts have been caused by environmental damages and overexploitation of natural resources. 264 more words

Climate Change

Why Fixing Climate Change is Conservatives Worst Nightmare

by James Wallace Harris, Thursday, February 26, 2015

Conservatives deny climate change because they are savvy enough to understand what it takes to stop climate change, either intuitively, or with calculated conscious awareness. 439 more words