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biomass improves by 400% with extra CO2 ...

Common reeds, found in wetlands all over Australia, just love that extra CO2:

Plant Growth Database (23 April 2015)
Our latest result of plant growth responses to atmospheric CO2 enrichment obtained from experiments described in the peer-reviewed scientific literature is for the Common Reed (Eller…

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In The News

The US Economy Grew in 2014 — Carbon Pollution, Not So Much.

VICE News explores the intricate relationship—and lack thereof—between economies and carbon emissions.

“If new US government figures are any indication, … 71 more words


Bucky's 'WORLD LIVINGRY SERVICE INDUSTRY' -- An idea whose time has come?

In celebration of Earth Day 2015, here is Buckminster Fuller’s enlightening 1982 proposal for a World Livingry Services Industry.  Written for a conference at Waseda University (Tokyo), Bucky describes his “alternative to politics and its ever more wasteful warring, and inherently vain attempts to solve one-sidedly all humanity’s basic economic and social problems.” 65 more words

Climate Change

EARTH & US: Earth Day, Citizens Climate Lobby

Happy Earth Day! Perhaps you are celebrating by planting your garden, helping in a river cleanup, or learning about issues affecting your local environment.

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Water Use - does drought really tell us anything - or do we miss just the message?

Spring is in the air, at least in some places, so it gives us a chance to take stock of where we are after the winter.  864 more words


Time to invest in fossil fuels as China discovers vast new reserves

There is a campaign in the western “do-gooding” and deluded “green” community (exemplified by The Guardian) to pressurise investors to disinvest from fossil fuels. Fortunately there is no shortage of investors in Asia who would be only too happy to see the European financial institutions and pension funds selling off their shares in oil, shale and coal producing and using companies. 563 more words