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Paris-itics unleashed ...

The Paris Push for the November COP is in full swing, led by the ABC Paris-itics. Seriously? Tsunamis caused by global warming?

Too much panic is never enough.

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Vatican climate declaration reflects group-think, not science-based reasoning

For science to progress in any field certain dynamics are necessary. First, productive and spirited discussions are needed between scientists with different points of view. If only one point of view is allowed as a result of political maneuvering and exclusion then the resulting conclusions will be skewed. 239 more words


Bill Gates punctures the renewables fantasy balloon

I know that renewables provide a useful but limited resource for our energy needs. I know that they are economic only in some specialised niches in the energy sector. 774 more words


Monsoon recovers from slow start - rainfall running 20% higher than "normal"

The SW Monsoon has, after a late, slow start, spread across all of India and is just crossing the NW frontier into Pakistan. This normally only happens around the 15th of July. 488 more words


Genomic Determinants of Coral Heat Tolerance Across Latitudes

Groves B. Dixon, Sarah W. Davies, Galina A. Aglyamova, Eli Meyer, Line K. Bay, Mikhail V. Matz
Published June 26 2015 in Science

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preaching nonsense ...

If the pontiff truly believes “excessive consumption” of modern conveniences is causing evil “climate change,” will he be shutting down and returning the multimillion-dollar system Carrier generously gifted to the Vatican Museums?

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Unusual Late June Warmth

Persistent southwesterly and west-southwesterly flow around the western side of the Bermuda-Azores High in combination with much warmer than normal sea surface temperatures in the Southwest Atlantic has led to a string of above normal temperatures and high humidity. 374 more words

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