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Apply SharePoint Master Pages programmatically using CSOM

In SharePoint you are able to apply a Master Page to a site programmatically using the Client Object Model (CSOM).  The following is an example of how you can do this using the .Net Client Object Model (CSOM).   93 more words

SharePoint 2013

ExecuteQueryAsync() issue in Chrome - Unexpected response from server. The status code of response is '0'. The status text of response is ‘’

Recently when trying to create a list item through SharePoint Client Object Model I faced an issue. The strange thing was the code worked in IE but showed error in Chrome. 185 more words

Client Object Model

The Method "GetItems" of the type "List" with id "{..}" is blocked by the administrator on the server


I was trying to get list items from list using SharePoint Client Object Model for SP 2013. While the script worked fine for authenticated users, I received below error when I tried to access page as Anonymous user. 82 more words

Client Object Model

Uncomplicating ListItemCollectionPosition Paging

I have been working with some rather large lists lately but since I have been only including the ListItem properties needed for the result, speed has not been an issue. 663 more words


SharePoint Client Object Model - Limit the Loading...

Here is an example of using the SharePoint Client Object Model to retrieve a collection of SPListItem. Many people still simply call Context.Load(SPListItemCollection) to retrieve the results desired which works but is not advised. 145 more words


Removing a Site Column from a Content Type using the Client Object Model

I don’t know how many hours I have spent trying to remove a site column using CSOM. There is a specifc way to do so and you have to do it in the right order. 178 more words


Sync a folder with a SharePoint Library

I completed the first version of a utility that does the syn operations immediate. I used a file watcher tech in windows to capture all the window API file event.. 166 more words