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THE FALL OF ROME ~ GOLD, Les Compositions Parfumees by Lalique

Gold, she was completely covered in gold….

She hardly noticed the fingers flitting from her collar to her cleavage as Irene’s hands plucked and pulled at her golden Isis winged cape adjusting it so it hung just so.   1,382 more words

Fragrance For Men

The Calydonian Boar Hunt

The life of Heracles is too freakin’ complicated.  I have to leave it until I have time to prepare a full analysis of all the material to decide how the chronology works out.   2,326 more words

Greek Mythology

Did Cleopatra play D&D?

The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art owns a d20 die that looks a lot like the ones used in Dungeons and Dragons. The die is said to be from the Ptolemaic time period when one of Alexander the Great’s generals, Ptolemy, became the King of Egypt, after Alexander’s passing. 127 more words

Dr. Janina Scarlet

El palacio de Cleopatra en Alejandría

La Ciudad de los Mil Palacios conoció uno de los más suntuosos. Situado en la zona de Portus Magnus, conoció eternas noches de amor y desamores de la reina Cleopatra VII con dos grandes romanos, … 427 more words


Ganadores sorteo ejemplares 'El ocaso de Alejandría'

¡Ya tenemos ganadores del sorteo de dos ejemplares de la novela El ocaso de Alejandría, de José Barroso! Y los ganadores son… Hay que seguir leyendo ;-) 157 more words


Cleopatra's Daughter Novel

If there are great novels out there that have yet been adapted into a film, I nominate one of Michelle Moran’s historical novels, “Cleopatra’s Daughter.” The novel starts off when the infamous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, and her husband, Marc Antony, face Emperor Octavian’s invasion in their kingdom. 128 more words

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