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Skin Care Routine & Clarisonic Mia Review

Hello everyone!  It is so hard to believe it’s May… this year is certainly flying by (said everyone, ever).  Honestly though, I mean it.  We have officially hit 29(ish) days until I graduate… what?!   1,034 more words


《Lush BÛCHE DE NOËL face and body scrub 歡欣布甸洗面膏 》

終於都肯介紹哩隻lush 好好用既face and body scrub la! 點解係終於呢? 因為。。懶囉!😘雖然我今日對眼其實好鬼累架喇。。但難得聽日仲係星期日,唔洗早起,寫下野你地睇啦!我真係好好人啊😍




入面係咁既! 好似一pat泥咁。又好似人地整蛋糕嗰啲料咁。

每次我用哩個份量都夠洗面。佢可以for body..我通常慳。。沖涼搽完面再一路推呀推推埋去頸呀,心口呀咁。都👌🏻架😂

嘩多水得滯添!其實可以落少啲。唔記得講佢既成份添!佢有杏仁,蜜柑,紅莓,高嶺土,甘油,新鮮蜜柑,紅莓乾,可可脂同雪松精油等等。聽落好似好好食咁喎😋 見到好多粗粒呀嘛?真係好似整緊蛋糕咁!幾得意架!但因為佢比較粗糙,如好多暗瘡就唔係好適宜用,痛到爆。。😰

Errrrrrdddd.. 好似嘔野呀😂😂

講咁耐其實係冇得賣既!玩野。 因為佢得聖誕節先有😂😂限量架!

其實我唔係用過好多牌子既磨沙產品。用過origins既modern friction。都係較粗粒既。但我鐘意哩款多啲!因為佢超補濕,用完唔會乾,會即時feel到皮膚好軟好滑!去走晒啲厚厚角質再敷番個mask就perfect喇!

個人認為face scrub係一定要每隔兩日做一次!咁樣就可以磨走面上積住既污糟野!等你啲mask呀,護膚品可以發揮最大功效!如果唔係幾貴既護膚品都會浪費左! 23 more words


April Get it or Forget it


 B.App Argan Oil & Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Shampoo

I don’t know much about shampoos, because I’ve always used a limited selection. I noticed this one that had argan oil in it and thought I’d try it out. 1,678 more words

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Balance Active Formula Skin Brightening Cream Wash

This Balance Active Formula Skin Brightening Cream Wash has been giving me the perfect start to the day.  It feels gentle on the skin, with its creamy formula and feels fresh and revitalising too. 159 more words


It Melts Into Your Skin, Heavenly - By Morning My Skin Is Replenished & Still So Soft!

UK beauty blogger Mica Day tests and reviews MuLondon moisturisers and cleansers on her website.

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New Skin Care Haul/Routine for Acne

Sorry…was having too much fun with Picmonkey..;)

I cannot remember the last time I didn’t have some sort of blemish or breakout on my skin. At least in recent years. 757 more words

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