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Tabula 4

This is me. Day 4.

I was ashamed of my body for most of my life.

Not any more. I’ve been wearing whatever I am comfortable in this summer and I will continue to do so. 156 more words


Clean and Calm Lemongrass Oil

I used to grow lemongrass in my yard in my first house with my hubby. It is incredibly easy to grow and it actually repels insects just by hanging out in your yard – kind of like geraniums. 440 more words


Tabula 3

Day 3 was not nearly as painful because my splitting headache almost fully disappeared. I drank more of the lemonade mixture than the previous days to boost my energy level, still I was crashing in both my classes. 150 more words


Are you contributing to your own depression and anxiety?

Have you noticed the increase in depression and anxiety drugs and wondered, why don’t our ancestors have the amount of depression we see today? Are we just becoming weak or unmotivated? 544 more words


The Ultimate Challenge

               …………FAT SICK AND NEARLY DEAD…………

I want to give a big shout out to my most recent source of inspiration Mr. Joe Cross.  While trying to get to a healthier me I started watching more and more food documentaries.   235 more words


Avocado Oil: Our New All-Purpose Oil (& an Avocado Oil Salad Dressing Recipe)

At the end of March I had an opportunity to check out the Healthy Family Expo. There were countless fun activities, an awesome kid’s adventure zone, and too many great and innovative products to even start to list. 438 more words