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10-Day Cleanse!

Being after my competition and on the go constantly these past 2 weeks I decided I was in need of a cleanse!! Last week my husband and I spend visiting different family members and going to the restaurants & places he wanted to go before he had to head down to Texas for his K-9 training. 475 more words

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Heads up!

Heads up! If you’re active most days – showering often can cause dry skin. I just picked up a tub of this and not only does it give my skin the consistency of a cherub’s butt cheeks – it also smells so good I would plunge my face into the tub if my face were smaller. 35 more words


Cleanse vs Detox - Internal Spring Cleaning

Ahh spring.. When our internal compass leads us into our closets, garages and under the bed to pull out, clean out and hopefully trow out (or better yet – recycle :) what no longer supports us. 992 more words


superfood watch: turmeric - an anti-inflammatory, no pill popping required

turmeric has long since been touted for its anti-inflammatory principles, used historically for various medicinal purposes. inflammation is the cause of most disease, with various studies demonstrating that the active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, has shown a benefit in the treatment of chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. 7 more words

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On ne peut pas prédire exactement la raison principale

On ne peut pas prédire exactement la raison principale pour cela car il peut se produire en raison de la suralimentation de la malbouffe, les graisses et les mauvaises conditions de vie. 190 more words


La Roche-Posey

I was recently on the hunt for a new facial wash and as I was out with my friends and in Boots I decided to pick one up. 183 more words

Herbal Teas \\ My Favourites

I have never been a fan of black leaf teas, despite their popularity throughout Britain. However over the last couple of years I have grown more and more fond of herbal teas, particularly ones with medicinal properties and health benefits. 901 more words