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Cleaning Your Stove Fan's Filter

Back in my youth, I used to work in a movie theater.  When I wasn’t selling tickets or ringing up customers in concession, I was cleaning.   347 more words

Cleaning & Organization

Reusing Candle Jars

Does anyone remember when I tested removing the wax from candle containers?  The first time around, I used the newly clean jars to make more candles (which was a great idea).   378 more words

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DIY Febreeze - Cheap & Quick!

Living in one of the most expensive cities in the country has trained me to be as thrifty as possible! I love having friends over and am constantly looking for ways to make my place as cozy as possible. 202 more words


How to Store Mushrooms

I hate when I buy mushrooms and use half of a container and the rest just seem to go bad.  Well there is a way to fix that problem and it is real simple.   51 more words

Cleaning & Organization

My Daily Chores

Since having a baby, my life and priortiies have really changed, the one thing that hasn’t changed is my daily routine (I have just had to tweek it just a litte.)  Doing these small things in the morning and at night allow me more time to hang out with D and Little Fella and to manage to get other things accomplished during the week.   662 more words

Cleaning & Organization

How to Clean Stainless Steel

When I first checked out my apartment I saw the stainless steel appliances and though “oooh fancy!” After two weeks and countless water stains I was less than impressed. 469 more words

Cleaning & Organization

Laundry Freshener

If this picture describes you…. well you are in for a treat! (and many many monotonous minutes of your life back). May I introduce you to the miraculously easy Laundry Freshener… 76 more words

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