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DIY Lip Sugar Lip Scrub! Get Soft Lips Without Having To Leave Your Home!

Rough lips are a result of built up dead skin that is settled on your lips. There are many products on the market that assist with exfoliating lips but they contain harsh chemicals and are not always cost effective. 252 more words


What I Ate Today | Healthy and Vegan

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I noticed was the sallow colour of the sky. Up until recently, Vancouver has been blessed with a hot and sun-laden summer, which evidently has it’s obvious upsides and more sombre downsides. 433 more words


The Truth About Dental Floss 

let us start this blog by an interesting fact which is if you don’t floss your teeth don’t even bother brushing them , Basically because everything in the world has 4 surfaces like the tooth we have 4 faces imagine it like 4 walls your brush reaches only 2 walls and this is not enough the floss cleans the other two walls from now on start learning how to Floos and do it !!! 112 more words


Efficiently and Thoroughly Clean and Disinfect Two Bathrooms

I have one and a half bathrooms in my one-story house. Both bathrooms get regular/frequent use. When I clean, I get them both done at once.  615 more words


 Cruelty Free Clean

Wait! Before you leave the page, rest assured that I will not be preaching to you about animal testing and I will definitely not be including distressing images to horrify you into buying cruelty free. 887 more words


So fresh and so clean, clean…’  White and off white clothing has this refreshing quality. Wearing those colors can make you look clean, crisp and luxurious.



Butternut Squash and Feta Risotto Business... 

I hope you have all had a beautiful weekend! Today’s blog post is the Mister’s favourite dinner so is a regular in our house, Butternut Squash and Feta Risotto. 303 more words