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Classwork and Homework for 3/5/15


Students worked through the procedural portion of today’s lab, and began the follow-up questions, in all classes.  Any questions not answered, by the end of the block, will need to be finished for homework this evening. 320 more words

General Information

5th March

math- we dicussed the paper again.

sc-we started doing pg 11 of the w/b and had our rider.

hindi- we heard Mira Bai’s song through speakers ma’m got and discussed the poem. 31 more words



If there’s one thing you’ll need to learn quickly in this class, it’s how to take notes. I’m a bit old-school in that I don’t think taking a photo on your phone counts as taking notes. 240 more words


A class assignment 

This was just a model drawing in my anatomy class


Classwork and Homework for 3/4/15


We continued our discussion regarding the Earth’s interior in all of today’s classes.  We looked at the layers that we hadn’t covered yesterday, making sure to talk about how processes that occur within these layers of the Earth affect the planet as a whole, and in some cases, modify the outward appearance of our planet. 307 more words

General Information

Schedule for Project 3

March 6, 2015: Create a login for the website and start compiling notes and screenshots about what I like and do not like about the website. 32 more words


4th march

Math- we discussed the U.T.

sc- we discussed crystallisation and distillation.

span- we had the dictation and continued with the Orals.


sc- on the blank side of your notebook draw filtration and sedimentation and decantation.