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Tales from the Classroom

Returning from a few days sick into my classroom is always a little bit of fun. The very best thing about teaching is the kids that I teach. 648 more words

My Musings

Is Failure Really That Bad?

Inspired by another educational blog post I read recently I have come to consider ‘Is failure really that bad’? The striking title of the post was “Helping students fail: A framework”. 701 more words

In Class: Introducing Grit and Growth Mindsets

Last week, I introduced my students to the idea of a ‘growth mindset’ and ‘grit’ today. It was interesting.

I began by writing the two words on the board and asking the students to think, pair, share about what those phrases could possibly mean.  447 more words


From Policy to Practice: Chains or Pasta

Metaphors are shortcuts for understanding complicated concepts: Time is money. The mind is a computer. Each metaphor powerfully illuminates and enriches an idea. Which metaphors come to mind when districts try to put reforms into classroom practice to increase student learning? 1,035 more words

School Reform Policies

Will Teaching and Learning Become Automated? (Part 3)

Part 2 of this series described the spread of software-driven automation across the economy in the past half-century. I used examples of automated flights, driverless cars, and electronic medical records. 972 more words

How Teachers Teach

The School of the Future: Automated Classrooms? (Part 1)

Technological fantasies of the future school have been around for decades. Here’s one from 1910. Note all of the information going into students’ heads comes from textbooks fed into a wood chipper. 650 more words

How Teachers Teach