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Mommy (2014)

NEW RELEASE FILM REVIEW || Seen at Hackney Picturehouse, London, Tuesday 24 March 2015 || My Rating excellent

There’s a scene towards the end of this excoriating French-Canadian family melodrama in which Diane (Anne Dorval), the mother of the title — after a fashion, which I’ll explain later — imagines the possibilities for her tearaway teenage son Steve (Antoine Olivier Pilon) as he grows up. 361 more words

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Elle l'adore (2014)

NEW RELEASE FILM REVIEW || Seen at Ciné Lumière, London, Thursday 19 March 2015 || My Rating very good

There’s something about this thriller that reminds me of the middle range of French films I used to see at film festivals back in the late-1990s, accomplished, well-crafted with a strong sense of style and excellent lead performances, but yet relatively restrained auteurist pretentions. 266 more words

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The Boy Next Door (2015)

NEW RELEASE FILM REVIEW || Seen at Cineworld Wood Green, London, Friday 13 March 2015 || My Rating worth seeing

I want you to know, dear reader, that I spent a lot of time thinking about what star-rating to give this film, possibly more than I thought about the film itself. 230 more words

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Dreamcatcher (2015)

NEW RELEASE FILM REVIEW || Seen at BFI Southbank (NFT1), London, Sunday 8 March 2015 || My Rating excellent

The British documentarian Kim Longinotto is clearly used to making films with relatively few resources, which is somewhat apt, given her subjects are so often those (primarily women) who are systematically excluded by structures of control and discourse. 339 more words

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It Follows (2014)

NEW RELEASE FILM REVIEW || Seen at Cineworld Haymarket, London, Monday 2 March 2015 || My Rating excellent

Last year’s The Guest suggests there’s a resurgence in retro 80s thrills, a trend into which… 439 more words

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Appropriate Behavior (2014)

NEW RELEASE FILM REVIEW || Seen at ICA, London, Friday 27 February 2015 || My Rating excellent

Okay, so like I guess this could be called a romantic comedy, but what’s interesting about it is that it’s not about falling in love but about falling out of love, told with copious flashbacks interwoven into a tale of a woman coming to terms with a broken relationship (not an abusive one, or a bad one, just one that didn’t quite work out). 559 more words

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Pelo malo (Bad Hair, 2013)

NEW RELEASE FILM REVIEW || Seen at Curzon Victoria, London, Monday 2 February 2015 || My Rating very good

One narrative strategy that’s been quite successful for smaller, less-industrialised and more socially conservative filmmaking nations (I’m thinking Iran in the 1990s) has been to focus a story around a child using what is outwardly a fairly whimsical conceit — in this case that Junior (Samuel Lange Zambrano) doesn’t like his frizzy hair and wants to straighten it — and use this to make trenchant comments about a range of fairly weighty societal issues. 300 more words

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