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Pelo malo (Bad Hair, 2013)

NEW RELEASE FILM REVIEW || Seen at Curzon Victoria, London, Monday 2 February 2015 || My Rating very good

One narrative strategy that’s been quite successful for smaller, less-industrialised and more socially conservative filmmaking nations (I’m thinking Iran in the 1990s) has been to focus a story around a child using what is outwardly a fairly whimsical conceit — in this case that Junior (Samuel Lange Zambrano) doesn’t like his frizzy hair and wants to straighten it — and use this to make trenchant comments about a range of fairly weighty societal issues. 300 more words

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Beyond Clueless (2014)

NEW RELEASE FILM REVIEW || Seen at Prince Charles Cinema, London, Wednesday 14 January 2015 || My Rating very good

Charlie Lyne, the youthful director and writer of this visual essay about the teen film cycle that seemed so omnipresent after the success of… 510 more words

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