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Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 is one of those pieces that have earned or suffered from (depending on how you look at it) many attempts to verbalize it as so many varying things, from a peasant dance to a political revolution to a bacchic orgy, that the (rather comical) variety of these descriptions really demonstrate the futility of struggling to pin down the essence of Beethoven’s music in plain words, and yet we do it anyways, even though mere “translations” of his art could never do justice to the original work. 88 more words

Classical Music

Mad About Mozart!

While faith is restored in humanity, the opera is being restored in modernity. I have so often thought that the opera is beyond my scope of interest in the world of musical theatre. 861 more words


Quartet Strings

Some photo back in the days during the session for Ninna Nanna Screaming Devotion Op. 0 featuring:

Our own amazing primo violino Donata Beggiora

Alessandra Marchesi… 13 more words