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J Is For Jane Eyre #atozchallenge

J is for Jane Eyre

What a delightful change from sombre selections in the previous days!

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre is on my bookshelf and is an absolute must read! 316 more words


(Sort of but Not Really) Reviving the "Tragic Flaw"

Being (I guess) a morose kind of person, I spent a large chunk of my time in graduate school researching tragedy. I was specifically interested in the concept of gendered tragedy in George Eliot’s novels—a kind of tragedy in which the protagonist’s agency is always already radically curtailed by virtue of her sex. 1,744 more words

19th-Century Literature

On Who Really Is The Guy, Called Jesus?

“Who Really Is The Guy, Called Jesus?”

Did Jesus of Nazareth, who was never called ‘Christ’ in the early Christian Church, exist as a real human being?

30 more words
Jesus Following

C.S. Lewis on the Importance of Reading Christian Classics

The moral and religious milieu of the West has for a long time been drifting away from biblical standards. The chasm has grown so large that it seems impassable, with many who claim to be Christian unable to articulate what the Bible actually says about major matters of faith and doctrine, much less able to identify the minor scriptural allusion I included in this sentence. 423 more words


Classic Literature: It’s not Just for School

With the whirlwind of snow days that have assailed us lately, it is fairly safe to assume that the student body of Loy Norrix has been driven mad with boredom. 499 more words