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Smiling Darren Wilson has his arm around racist Ferguson clerk just fired....

There’s a picture on the front page of the Guardian showing a team picture of the Ferguson law enforcement community in the wake of the Department of Justice’s report on their behavior. 145 more words

D. Politics

The simple things in life.

Didn’t even mean to take this picture but it doesn’t look half bad so I thought I’d share it.

Nothing like a clear blue sky to get you though these cold winter days. 119 more words

What Happened In Class Today?

So today Diana, a current Albert Einstein School of Medicine grad student who has been visiting us and helping us along with our DNA experiments this week, brought along her lab friends for a tour and a presentation + question session. 75 more words


今日Social Problemsの授業で、毎週金曜日はクラス全体でshort discussionをする日なんだけど、チャレンジしてみたいなと思って、Discussion leaderに立候補してみたの。っていってもほんの短時間で教科書のsmall topicについて意見を言うものなんだけど、私にとってはなんかすごく重役な気がして少し緊張していた(笑)


でも確実に成長したなと思うところは、間違ってようが間違ってなかろうが少なくともSocial problemのクラスの先生には意見を言えるようになったということかな(笑)頭でわかっていても言う勇気がなかったり、でも他の人が答えた時に自分の答えがあってるとなると勿体無いからね…







Pippi Shorts

Hand sewn, and the results weren’t too bad. My first attempt of making a stuffed bear. The shorts were a great addition. This bear is a fashionista.



Growing Toward Personal Intersectionality

By Brianna Suslovic

The chubby white boy who always sat across from me on the afternoon bus used to ask me if I was adopted. I remember awkwardly pushing forth a laugh, pushing his shoulder playfully. 1,060 more words

First Person

This is my year

to get back into taking class regularly and feeling like a dancer again. It’s been rough only having ballet in my life here and there. So I decided this year is when I stop making excuses, stop feeling inhibited, and stop choosing social events over ballet. 90 more words