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Student and Manager Snobbery in University and the Workplace

As an addition to the last blog, I would just like to add that as well as seeing bullying and grooming in university and the workplace, I have also seen different kinds of snobbery… which is a part of the bullying and grooming in the workplace as well. 360 more words

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Storytelling Class

Register here for the Online Class on Storytelling:
– Why you need to know?
– How to share your life story?
– Where, when and with whom? 10 more words


Albert Nobbs (2011) (Available on Netflix)


Albert Nobbs (Glenn Close) is not at all what he appears to be. In fact Albert Nobbs is not a man at all. During the late 19th century women aren’t encourage to be independent. 520 more words


Following that !!!!

So we were able to have a look at the first set of presentations from our classmates in our last lecture , and they were great , amazing really quite remarkable … And  now I have to follow that this coming week with my project. 50 more words

Zumba Fit

People nowadays find an easier way to get fit and at the same time to enjoy. During 1990`s there is a choreographer named Alberto Perez created a dance fitness program called Zumba. 395 more words


Have you ever be so fucking demotivated for university that not being able to find your phone is reason enough not to go that day?….I have… 38 more words

Finish That Manuscript

It’s finally summer, and with summer comes a cavalcade of writers making resolutions to finish their darned manuscripts. Maybe it’s partly because writers in academia finally have a little time away from grading in the precious summer months, because the gorgeous weather gets those endorphins pumping, or simply because nobody wants to spend another cold and miserable fall staring at the same project they stared at all through the last cold and miserable fall. 553 more words