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Movie Review: Get Hard

Comedy is a complicated genre for me. I was more susceptible at a young age, but conventional comedies today are not funny anymore. In those days, Adam Sandler was my hero; now he gives Jews a bad name, like Ben Stiller. 463 more words

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Strained Arguments Against Atheists

Atheists are often challenged to answer questions like: “Why is there something rather than nothing?” “How did life begin?” “Where did the universe come from and when did it all begin?” These questions are asked because the actual answers are mostly “I don’t know and neither does anyone else” whereas the Theists all know that the answer is “Goddidit.” 697 more words

Class Warfare

Does God Hate Inequality? Oh Yes He Does!

Why God Hates Inequality

by Rev. Paul J. Bern

In a continuation of my ongoing efforts to bring Christianity, current events and a relationship with Jesus Christ into the 21st century, I wish to bring to your attention a newspaper headline posted earlier this week on Linked-In by a colleague of mine. 1,965 more words

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My Mother Made Me a Commie

My mother and I watched lots of old movies in the 1950s on a tiny TV screen.  My mother knew all the supporting players by name.  587 more words

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A Posh Night and Musings on Power...

You may or may not know that Number One Son is an actor – and this week-end we travelled up to Salisbury where he was appearing in… 662 more words


The Coffee Company That Shall Not Be Called by Name


I am not going to use the coffee company’s name when writing this entry; I feel they already have enough press. But, calling it “The coffee company that shall not be called by name,” is a bit long so I think, for this piece, I will call this coffee company by the name of Self-Absorbed Joe. 386 more words


Class act

I read a tweet earlier that complained that the South African middle class is being “targeted” by higher personal tax.

Middle class SA: drowning in debt.

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