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Today, at the midterm, we pause and reflect on the past few weeks. At the beginning of class, I told you that, although this course is titled “Gay and Lesbian Literature and Culture,” we cannot be sure  258 more words

Class Discussions

Increasing Class Discussions

A great body of research (Chapin et al, 2009; Daniels, 2002; Duff, 2002; Flynn, 2009; Mason, 1996; and Spiegel, 2005) has focused on classroom discussions. I began experimenting with this technique in… 1,549 more words

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Throughout the first half of the semester, we’ve talked a great deal about identity—gay identity, lesbian identity, feminist or feminine identity, queer identity, and now, African American identity. 107 more words

Class Discussions

Does “Miss Ogilvy Finds Herself” work to reinforce patriarchal ideology, or does it work to resist it? On the one hand, Radclyffe Hall shows how patriarchy leaves Miss Ogilvy with virtually no desirable options, and at times Hall even seems to deliberately mocking patriarchal agents and institutions. 114 more words

LGBT Literature

The title of our most recent text is “Miss Ogilvy Finds Herself,” which suggests that, during the course of the story, Miss Ogilvy discovers her… 105 more words

LGBT Literature

Lois Tyson suggests in her chapter on “Feminist Criticism” that perhaps “no ideology succeeds in fully programming all of the people all of the time” (88-89), although she acknowledges the difficulty of escaping or “getting beyond” patriarch altogether. 108 more words

LGBT Literature

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The Teaching Channel contains a wealth of common core aligned lessons with video of teachers implementation, often a missing piece of content in professional development. 43 more words

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