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The World Before I Became Confused

Remember what it was like to go play just to get dirty?

To sink your hands down into wet mud and listen to that squishy noise it makes when you squeezed it through your fingers? 206 more words


Words we say (To get through the Day)

I’ve been afraid to write. I’ve been having conversations, just in my mind. They keep me awake at night. I’ve been going over and over the things that I’ve said, the words that I didn’t, and the words that I’ve read. 751 more words

Insight and an Angel Light Exercise with the Chakras:

An angel team of angels and archangels offered a guided meditation that helps to increase clarity and focus.  1,164 more words

Daily Angel Message

The clarity of direct experience...

When there is nothing to distort the clarity of direct experience –
no concepts, no sensations, and no memories,
no body, no mind, no senses,

27 more words

It Is Our Nature

I know it is meant to look different

I can feel it in my core

Just not sure how

Continuing to search


Demanding more… 63 more words

"Just say 'yes' and 'no.' " ~~Jesus

Jesus lives in a clear world. He is light. There is no darkness in Him at all.

Our heavenly Father is all about clarity. God demands the same from us. 172 more words

God Thoughts

Hits of Clarity

I’m getting “hits of clarity” that expand my awareness and consciousness. I know that however I arrive at truth, it’s what I want. I want to live a real life; I want to talk to God; I want to have a soul; I want to be in love; I want to be who I am. 141 more words