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Luck, Synchronicity and Attraction

My girlfriend is very lucky for me. Since I have been with her, while we have had plenty of “interesting” experiences, I have experienced quite a few lucky occurrences. 548 more words



Slowly, like ivy

making its sense brick by brick,

your words embellish.


The net will strengthen,

each star of jade made clearer.

Bind to hold my mind. 12 more words


Random Clarity

A song will play on the radio and the lyrics are such that they motivate you to act on that one thing you’ve been meaning to do for a long while, but were too lazy or afraid to do. 419 more words

Step 6: Heart-Mind

The Spirit Fire website says it well: “Up to this point the practice has taught us to breathe consciously with a smile and with flow; to focus on receiving and releasing. 116 more words

Current Round

Need to get something done? Visualize it that way.

The outdoor tennis season is finally upon us, and I’m anticipating my competitive season. For the record, the word “competitive” is relative. I still pay to play, unlike pros such as Spain’s… 207 more words


I am learning

It is having the desire to touch but not raising any hands.

It is having a tongue that burns to say ‘I love you’ but keeps silent. 88 more words