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A Look at What is a Clairvoyant

Clairvoyance means “to see clearly” and refers to having an “inner sight” or “sixth sense”. These terms basically mean that the psychic has an ability to see hidden truths. 109 more words

Psychic Reading

My Special Gift

I love Mathematics, especially Probability. I am not a geek but simply love solving them. What does this have to do with my gift? What is special? 680 more words


Good Day to you all,
We come forth with a divine message of courage and joy once more.
Do not worry about the path you have consciously chosen. 472 more words

Feeling your Energy

Are you aware of the energies around you? You probably are but don’t think of what has happened around you as energy.

There was a lot of energy at the Body, Soul, Spirit Expo in Regina on March 20, 21, & 23. 241 more words


Aline and Carol


‘Hi, Julie. It’s your Aunt Aline.’

With Amy off to an afternoon playdate and Allison finally down for her afternoon nap, I’d just settled into my favorite sunny spot in the family room to catch a brief rest and a few minutes with my favorite book when, annoyingly, the phone jarred me back to reality and up off the floor to make it into the kitchen before its last ring. 438 more words



Yesterday my sister Karen turned me onto a youtube video, Channeling Erik.  A clairvoyant named Jamie Butler channels Erik Medus. Erik had committed suicide in 2009 and his mother, a doctor who has also written a book about this, asks questions of Erik through Jamie about a number of different subjects.   281 more words


Clairvoyancy - a gift or not a gift?

Pat knew for a long time that a clairvoyant gift was not a gift at all.

When he was ten years old he told his mother that their neighbor Frank would lose his dog and then move house.  265 more words