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New day, new attitude!

Your thoughts, both positive and negative are seeds you are planting for your future.
Try to take note of all of your thoughts and think about how they are potentially effecting your future. 107 more words


Online Crystal Ball Free

It’s clear that a crystal ball has been used for scrying for a long time. As the art of staring at the reflective surface of water, crystal or glass, scrying is mainly performed with those who are endowed with a heightened sense of sight (also called as clairvoyance). 378 more words

Fortune Telling

Spirituality. Heart and how being a Medium has changed my life...

I have been on a wonderful journey these past 15 years. Since the first event I did as a professional reader my life has changed in so many ways. 375 more words


"Why are things happening to ME??"

Do always ask yourself “Why are these things happening to ME?”

This is because you are in a victim energy – your solar plexus is weakened and your self-esteem is challenged right now. 113 more words


I didn't know. ..

I didn’t know that at any given time a man or woman can become addicted to anything that they give energy to as I have for most my life I was addicted to all forms of pornographic and one day while having sex i had a moment of clarity and I began to feel more dirty about myself. 380 more words


Feeling drained? This bubble of protection with energize you quickly!

Bubble of Protection Meditation

Here’s a simple safety and protection meditation. This visualization can be used around people, pets, homes, computers, cars, airplanes, our world and around anything you want to protect.  178 more words