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Thursday 23rd April 2015 - Raspberries are in!!

I’ve been slowly sorting out my fruit bed which has been left to fend for itself over the last couple of year. But this year I’ve promised it that I’ll sort it out and bring some order back to it. 252 more words

Wednesday 22nd April 2015 - Allotmenteering is very sociable

It’s been a very busy week with working, the gas man, the electrician and various other things going on, that it’s been a bit tricky to get to the allotment much this week. 227 more words

Friday 17th April 2015 - A short afternoon.

I was busy this morning running various errands, so the allotment had to wait until this afternoon for me to visit. I was only able to spend a little under 2 hours today on my plot, but to be honest that was enough as I’ve been working very hard this week. 254 more words

Thursday 16th April 2015 - All the Potatoes are in!!

The temperature wasn’t so hot today which is good. Still warm for this time of year, but at least there was a breeze. I spent 3 hours today turning over a couple more beds, fairly small ones this time. 240 more words

Wednesday 15th April 2015 - Half the Potatoes are in!!

Having worked very hard over the last few days (nothing strange in that really) digging over various beds to get the Potatoes in, I think I’ve got enough space prepared for them. 262 more words

Tuesday 14th April 2015 - Are headphone ear buds digestible?

Yes I know this sounds a very odd question and just incase you’re wondering no I didn’t eat one, but Gizmo one of our chickens did. 433 more words

Monday 13th April 2015 - Back to normal.

The kids are back to school and Mark is back to work, so off I went to spend lots of time on my allotment. I took my lunch down with me today, so after 2 hours of digging and weeding I sat down on my new bench for about 20 minutes to eat my lunch before I carried on again for another hour or so. 165 more words